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Avocado Banana Bread

I found this recipe while browsing Pinterest for a Banana Bread recipe.  I knew that I had a couple of more-than-ripe bananas at home, so I figured I might as well use them!  During my perusal, I came across a recipe that was titled “Avocado Banana Bread.”  At first I thought to myself, “That sounds really weird.  I like banana bread, but…avocado? And then another thought flashed across my head, “Wait…I have a bag of avocados that need to be used up sooner rather than later…maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all!”

Besides, it had quite a few repins on Pinterest, so I figured that if enough other people thought that the recipe looked like a good idea, I might as well give it a whirl.  I couldn’t find my bread pan, so I made the batter and poured it into muffin tins, and then proceeded to top the batter with more than enough chocolate chips.  Voila!

avocado banana

The avocados make the bread extremely moist, and once you get over the fact that the inside of the bread has a green-ish tint to it, the bread really just tastes like a deliciously moist, toned-down banana bread topped with chocolate.  Last time I checked there was nothin’ wrong with that combination!

I suggest you try the recipe for yourself!  You can find it over on Crazy for Crust’s blog.  (Avocado Banana Bread)

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The Pioneer Woman Strikes Again

The Pioneer Woman hit my kitchen last night.  And also my waistline.  No matter, it’s worth every pound added to my body.

I was feeling sweet, so I checked out the “Desserts” section of  http://thepioneerwoman.com.  As I scrolled through all of the possible desserts I think I could be heard saying “Mmmm,” “Yum,” “OHHH!”   I think you get the picture, yes?  It could also be described as too-much-deliciousness-for-your-own-good.  Disclaimer:  If you’re seriously trying to lose weight, keep AWAY from the desserts section.  Actually, maybe you should avoid her “Cooking” section all together for a while.  But if you’re like me and this sounds familiar, “My jeans don’t fit!  I’m not eating for a year…did someone just say chocolate?” then Pioneer Woman away!

I decided to keep it simple last night, so I went to cookies.  My eyes came across the words, “Monster Cookies.”  Can I get a “yes, please!” from anyone?  You gonna likeeee these.  Ok here’s the link to the recipe:  http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2010/09/monster-cookies/  and let’s begin!

Really, these are glorified chocolate chip cookies.  I mean, they’ve got rice krispies, chocolate chips, oats, M & M’s and peanut butter chips in ’em!  How can you go wrong?  Oh, and if you’re a nut lover, the recipe calls for pecans.  But me no like nuts.  So my version is nut-less.

Yummy cookie dough (Pre-everything monstrous)

Rawrrr Cookie Monster

Such cute little monster cookies


I tasted 1…or 2.  Maybe even 2 and a half, but I had to.  I had to make absolutely sure that the Monster Cookies were delicious.  And they were.  Because I had 2 more today 🙂

One problem that I did face though, is my cookies almost always (unless my baking has been blessed that day) come out flat.  I want puffy cookies!  Any suggestions out there?  I’d be glad to hear them!