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Chocolate Chip & Raspberry Cake

My mom told me about a girl named Sally a while back.  This girl had a blog called Sally’s Baking Addiction.  My mom loves to bake, so naturally when she found this blog filled with delicious, sweet treat recipes, she was quite endeared to Sally.  When my mom first discovered the blog, Sally was a regular gal who worked a regular job and happened to love to bake.  Now, Sally’s blog has been discovered by a few more bakers and she no longer works a regular job, but instead has a cook book that has been published and solely blogs about her baking addiction.  One could assume that she must be a pretty good baker… So I decided to test out one of her recipes for myself.

She’s pretty good.  I needed a cake recipe for my sister-in-law’s birthday and I found this Raspberry Chocolate Chip Layer Cake recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction.  It looked delicious – chocolate and fruit?  The best of both worlds!  It was really straight forward to make and Sally has photos on her blog of the recipe through the process, so I was able to double-check that everything was looking correct more-or-less while I baked.  The hardest part for me was cutting the bottom layer’s top off to make it even.  I’m convinced I have crooked eyes when it comes to doing things symmetrically!  Other than that, it turned out beautifully (I think it did, at least!) and it satisfied my sweet taste buds perfectly.  And the raspberries intermixed almost make you feel like you’re being somewhat healthy.  😉

You just need a side of dairy with this cake and you’ve got an awesome dessert!  And by “side of dairy” I mean you either need a big, cold glass of milk or a bowl of ice cream!Raspberry Chocolate Chip Layer Cake



Wedding Wednesday: The Cake Debate

I don’t like cake.  The only cake that I halfway like is cake from the box.  Like, Rainbow Chip or Funfetti cake.  Yes, I like those a lot, actually.

Phil isn’t a huge fan of cake either.  We both like sweets.  I think it’s safe to say on behalf of the both of us that we love chocolate, but cake just isn’t our temptress.

So then there’s this looming question when you’re getting hitched, but you don’t like cake.  I’ll call it “The Cake Debate.”

Do you have cake at your wedding, or do you skip it? 

I mean, cake is expensive.  Wedding cakes especially, and they usually don’t taste that great.  Whenever I’m at a wedding, if cake is offered, I never eat it.  Never.  Simply put, I think that cake = expensive + gross

But then there’s the other side to this debate:  cake is a tradition.  And some people really do like cake.  What about those momentous pictures of the bride and the groom cutting the cake?!  You can’t skip those!

What’s a bride to do?  Compromise.  So, compromise is exactly what we’re doing!  We’re having a cake, but not a huge cake.  A cake big enough to cut and give us those great pictures that we’ll be able to put in an album and show our children someday years down the road…but a cake small enough to keep our pockets from being emptied and our freezer from being stocked with more leftover cake than we’d ever want to eat.

Ah yes, compromise is a beautiful thing.  Now, do we have any cake flavor suggestions out there?  We’re all ears!

Our cake topper. “B” for Belko!