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Wedding Wednesday: RSVP Etiquette

Only 17 days left until August 4th!!!

We are officially at less than 3 weeks.  Which is crazy.  Sometimes I have to go through the next 3 weekends in my head and say, “Ok Bri, this weekend you have a bachelorette party for Stace to go to, and then the following weekend you & Phil are getting the house all settled & put together, and then the weekend after that…YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!”  I have a conversation like that with myself…at least twice a day.  It’s not that I forget my wedding date, it just seems surreal how close it is!

But anyway…wedding is soon.  Check.  Now, today I’m going to discuss RSVP etiquette.  Nothing that I’m about to say is rocket science, it’s just plain & simple, things that you should do & should not do when responding to a wedding invitation.  Some of the examples that I give are things that I’ve seen on my response cards, and others are stories that other brides have told me that they saw on their response cards.  Ok, here we go!


  • Put your name on the line where it says “M” followed by a line.   That is the spot for you to put the names of the guests that are attending.  I have heard stories from quite a few brides who received response cards back in the mail where 2 people said they were attending…but they forgot to write their names down!  So which 2 people out of the guest list of 400 are coming?!
  • Put your full names on that line.  In other words, don’t put “Mr. & Mrs. Flores” because there’s always a possibility that you’re not the only “Mr. & Mrs. Flores” invited to the wedding.  Also, put everyone’s full name.  Such as “Mr. Ernest S. Flores & Mrs. Sharmae Flores.”  If you just put “Mr. & Mrs. Ernest S. Flores” there’s a chance that the bride doesn’t know your spouses name & therefore won’t know what to put on your seating assignment.
  • Put the number of guests attending the wedding next to the little area that says “Will Attend,” “Accepts,” “With Pleasure” whatever.  Don’t just check it…put a number.  If you cannot attend, then check marks or x’s are acceptable.


  • Invite someone who isn’t invited.  Look at whose name(s) are on the invitation.  For example, if it says, “Mr. & Mrs. Ernest S. Flores & Family” then guess what…the whole family can come!  If it says, “Mr. & Mrs. Ernest S. Flores” then only the 2 people named are invited.  If it says, “Mr. & Mrs. Ernest S. Flores & Austin Flores,” then only those 3 are invited.  Austin does not have a guest allotted for him.  If the invitation were to say, “Mr. Austin Flores & Guest” then Austin may bring a guest.  Again, if your name is not on the invitation, you are not invited to the wedding.
  • Invite yourself to a wedding.  If you think that you were supposed to be invited to a wedding, say that the bride or groom is family & you are certain that you’ll be invited to the wedding, but you didn’t get an invitation.  Do not go over to Cousin Suzie’s house & add your name on their RSVP card.  It is possible that the engaged couple forgot to send you an invitation and fully meant to invite you.  In that case, call the bride or groom…or one of their parents & ask if you were invited.  To which you, wait for your own invitation or give a verbal response.

Simple, right?  I don’t even know if these are official rules of response etiquette, but I’ve experience enough of these & heard enough stories from other brides to know that for every wedding, almost every single one of these rules is broken, and if everyone could just follow these simple do’s & don’ts, there wouldn’t be so much turmoil in a bride’s life when it came to the guest list!

On another note, one of my bridesmaids/best friends from high school, and myself baked over 180 peanut butter balls & mini cheesecake bites this past weekend for the dessert bar that we’ll have at the wedding.  We sample both items, and by the end of our baking time, our feet were hurting, as were our stomachs from eating way too many sweet treats!  But we’re glad to report back to you, that both items taste exceptionally delicious!

Renae & I modeling our tasty “Belko Buckeyes” aka the peanut butter balls

That’s all I’ve got for today…happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!


Wedding Wednesday: The Cake Debate

I don’t like cake.  The only cake that I halfway like is cake from the box.  Like, Rainbow Chip or Funfetti cake.  Yes, I like those a lot, actually.

Phil isn’t a huge fan of cake either.  We both like sweets.  I think it’s safe to say on behalf of the both of us that we love chocolate, but cake just isn’t our temptress.

So then there’s this looming question when you’re getting hitched, but you don’t like cake.  I’ll call it “The Cake Debate.”

Do you have cake at your wedding, or do you skip it? 

I mean, cake is expensive.  Wedding cakes especially, and they usually don’t taste that great.  Whenever I’m at a wedding, if cake is offered, I never eat it.  Never.  Simply put, I think that cake = expensive + gross

But then there’s the other side to this debate:  cake is a tradition.  And some people really do like cake.  What about those momentous pictures of the bride and the groom cutting the cake?!  You can’t skip those!

What’s a bride to do?  Compromise.  So, compromise is exactly what we’re doing!  We’re having a cake, but not a huge cake.  A cake big enough to cut and give us those great pictures that we’ll be able to put in an album and show our children someday years down the road…but a cake small enough to keep our pockets from being emptied and our freezer from being stocked with more leftover cake than we’d ever want to eat.

Ah yes, compromise is a beautiful thing.  Now, do we have any cake flavor suggestions out there?  We’re all ears!

Our cake topper. “B” for Belko!

Wedding Wednesday: Organization

I’d call myself an “organized” person. I like to know exactly what the plan is, when it’s happening and where it’s going down. If I don’t know details of an event, I get a bit antsy. So, before I got engaged, before I ever planned who would be my bridesmaids or the colors of a wedding, I knew that someday when I actually was a bride, I wanted to be an organized bride.

Now that I’m a bride-to-be and planning a wedding, I’m trying very hard to follow through with being organized. My favorite organization tool for the bride is a “Wedding Planner.” Not a wedding planner like Jennifer Lopez, but a wedding planner like a pocket planner. A friend of mine referred me to a wedding planner which could be purchased at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store. It’s a big binder filled with helpful tabs, the most helpful (in my opinion) being the “Calendar,” which gives you a list of things that you need to do when you’re 9-12 months away from the wedding, 6-9 months away, 4-6 months…etc. I love having lists to check off, so that explains why the calendar is my favorite! Anyway, you can buy a wedding planner of some sort from most craft stores, online, or you can even find free tools on websites such as “The Knot.”

My second way of trying to be organized is making sure that I stay in touch with my girls. And by “my girls,” I mean my bridesmaids. If I was a bridesmaid, I would want to know what was going on. What I was going to wear, when I needed to get my outfit, details for the wedding, details for other events surrounding the wedding…everything! It’s possible that my bridesmaids could care less about these details, but I’m just trying to be safe! And, I’m hoping that the more organized I am at this point in the ball game, the smoother the actual wedding day will go (fingers crossed!).

So, in an attempt to keep my bridesmaids in the loop, I created something called, “Bri’s Bridesmaids.” I like newsletters and I like alliteration, so it seemed right to create “Bri’s Bridesmaids.” In my first issue, I introduced my bridesmaids knowing that they didn’t all know each other. I also have a little corner for “Style Watch” where I keep them in the loop on their wedding day apparel. It’s kind of silly, but I get to fulfill my desire to create newsletters and they get to know what’s going on at all times! Seems like a win-win to me. 🙂

Have you planned a wedding? What ways did you try to stay organized throughout the whole wedding planning process? I’d love to hear your ideas!

2nd Issue of Bri's Bridesmaids includes a brief overview of events surrounding the wedding. The "Style Watch" focuses on the shoe aspect of the bridesmaids' wedding day attire.