Cow Concordance

I’ll be compiling a list of cow and agriculture terms that the average person might not know.  This could be a long list because I’m a pretty average person.  If you see a weird word in my blog and I forget to put it in this concordance, just write me a comment, send me a tweet or post of my Facebook wall and I’ll take care of that in a jiffy!

Bull – An uncastrated bovine animal (Official Definition)

Calf (Calves) – A young bovine animal, esp. a domestic cow or bull in its first year. (Official Definition)

Calf Ranch – A farm with the primary focus of raising calves

Corn-Fed Beef (Grain Finished Beef) – Also known as “conventional.”  Cattle which spend most of their lives eating grass, but are fed a scientifically formulated ration of 70-90% of corn or barley toward the end of their lives

Cow – A fully grown female animal of a domesticated breed of ox, used as a source of milk or beef.  *Note that after a heifer has her first calf, then she is called a cow.  (That was really confusing for me to understand at first.)

Grass-Fed Beef (Grass Finished Beef) – Eat only a grass and forage based diet

Green – See also organic, grass-fed.  To some people “going green” might mean erasing meat & animal products from their diets completely.

Heifer – A young cow before she has had a calf

Holstein – A breed of cow that originated in Europe.   They’re known for their distinctive markings and color patterns of black and white or red and white.  They are also known for their outstanding milk production.

Open-lot – Un-paved corrals on a dairy farm with access to feed bunkers and water tanks

Organic – (In regards to food) Foods produced using methods which do not involve pesticides, chemical fertilizers; don’t have genetically modified organisms, not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents or chemical food additives  (So maybe the best way to put it is, what comes out of the ground, off the tree, etc. is what ya get!)

Sustainable – A system maintaining itself by using techniques which allows for continual reuse


3 thoughts on “Cow Concordance

  1. mvandersch

    So, Ive been married to Joey (a dairyman) for almost two years now and I’m SO happy you put this together! I know most of the terms, but usually find myself thinking, wait, which one is that?? This is a fun blog, Bri! Have a great day and happy wedding planning! Totally know what you mean about the planning part… the dress part is the best, and the bridesmaids outfits. After that, lets just be married already!! 🙂

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