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Jamberry Nails

I love having pretty nails.  If you know me then you know that about me.

If you knew me before I got married then you really, fully understand how much I love having pretty nails.  I got my nails done every 2 weeks…by a professional.  My nails looked gooooood.

Fast-forward a couple of years and I’m now into my second year of marriage and I have a child.  Go get my nails done for an hour every 2 weeks?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  But to paint my nails at home and hope that they dry before my 6 month old wants to be picked up or fed?  Yeah, right.  I’m not going to risk smearing my freshly painted nails after all of that work.  That said, my nails have been long forgotten.  Until now.

My friend Amanda hosted a “Jamberry Party” recently and I learned of this awesomeness that is Jamberry.  They are sticker-like nails that are applied & sealed with heat.  They have solid colors, sparkles & fun patterns to choose from.  Since Amanda was hosting a party, I figured that I would buy a few and check them out.

They claim to last for 2 weeks and I haven’t proven that to be true yet, but I’ll let you know when I do!  I feel like I get a bit better at applying them every time I put them on (I’ve put them on my nails twice and on my mom’s nails once.)

Poppy & White Polka

Poppy & White Polka

Urban Lights

Urban Lights

Aside from that, I think they’re pretty fun.  I’m not talented enough to paint these crazy designs on my fingernails and as previously mentioned, I need something that will dry quickly so that my nails are not jeopardized by having to pick up a baby.  With no dry time for Jamberry nails, they’ve already scored major points with me!

Have you tried Jamberry nails?  Do you have any favorite designs or tips/tricks for applying them?



Cotton Candy Fingernails


All colors on my nails are by Essie.  I have a slight obsession.  Both with having my nails painted, and the Essie brand.  Below are the 3 colors that I used.


Do you have any favorite nail polish colors?  I’d love to hear – I’m always on the lookout for sweet, new colors!

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Studded // Ankle Boots

Ahhhh….Target.  Or as I sometimes like to call it, “Tar-shjay.”  Did you read that pronunciation correctly?  It makes sense in my head, it’s kind of Frenchy sounding.  Anyway…Target.

I love it.  I need to stop loving it, but they just keep producing such good products!

Like these ankle boots:

ankle boots

Super cute, right?  And they were on sale.  Even better.

Today was one of those days where I woke up and thought to myself, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”  So I put on a skirt, my ankle boots & a denim shirt and headed off to the ranch.  My outfit might not seem so bold to you, but when you work on a ranch, a skirt is a risky thing to wear.

BriOutfitDenim Shirt:  Target //  Skirt:  Bar III  //  Ankle Boots:  Target

I didn’t regret my decision to wear a skirt…although I will probably keep my skirt-wearing days to a minimum when working on the ranch.  😉

That’s all for now.  Oh, one more thing, tomorrow starts Beef Month.

I smell steak…  and a giveaway.  Stay tuned!

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California Lovin’

I love California.  I’m born and raised here, so naturally I’m pretty biased toward the state.  But besides my biased opinion, I think that there’s a few facts that prove California is just plain awesome.

  1. California is the nation’s top agricultural state in the United States.
  2. You can go surfing & snow skiing/board in the same day.  Disclaimer:  you can’t do this everywhere in California, but in some places you can.  Another disclaimer:  I’ve never done this before.  To read about my failure of a snow skiing experience, click here.
  3. While it’s raining & snowing in the rest of the country through April, the temperature here is high 80’s.  And while that is quite warm to out-of-staters, it also means that I probably have a better tan than they do.  So I’m not complaining!
  4. We dress how we want.  And by that, I mean…if we want to dress up, we dress up.  But if we want to wear a tank top, shorts and flip-flops, we do that too.  Being that I like clothes a lot, this is important to me!

Ok, I’m done giving you facts.  I heart CA, and I made a board with things that are full of love for the golden state!

CALIFORNIA LOVE1.  “Stay Golden” pillow via Etsy  //  2. Billabong Pit Stop Trucker Hat via Swell  //  3. Dogeared State of Mind – California Necklace via Sundance Beach  //  4. California via Children Inspire Design  //  5. California Home T via The Home. T

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Fashion: Floppy Cowgirl Hat

So last fall there was kind of this floppy cowgirl//rancher hat craze, in case you didn’t notice.

I loved the look and I thought, I have a total excuse to wear one of those!  I mean, working at a calf ranch is a shoe-in for being allowed to wear cowboy hats, right?

I found this hat that I loved on Anthropologie‘s website.  I discretely hinted toward my brother who had drawn my name for Christmas that I wanted this hat.  Ok, maybe not quite discretely… I told him that I really, really wanted this hat and I would be so sad if he didn’t get it for me!

Being the sweet brother that he is, I opened up my Christmas gift from him and there was the hat that I had requested!  I’ll be honest though, the hat has only been worn ONCE since I got it for Christmas because I haven’t been able to find the guts to wear it.  Sure, the cowgirl hats were in style, but it’s not like everyone was walking around wearing a big hat.


I came across this quote on Pinterest one day and I just loved it.  In my head I said a silent “Amen!” to myself, and I decided that I would try to have that mindset more often.  Quite frankly, I love getting dressed up.  I do have days where I just feel like wearing my fleece pajama pants with lab puppies on them, but most of the time I want to get gussied up!  But so often, I tone it down for fear of being “overdressed.”  This quote inspired me.

And today when I got ready to head to the ranch for work, I saw my cowgirl hat up in my closet just waiting to see some calves.  The wise words of Mr. Wilde flashed through my head as I reached for the hat and placed it on my head.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my hat.  It does quite a good job of protecting my face from the sun as well.  I would just like to take this moment to encourage you to remember that you can never be overdressed. 😉


Tribal Chic Fashion Board

I have a slight obsession with all of the tribal prints that are coming out this spring.  I think that I have Indian somewhere in my blood though, so that could have something to do with it!  I’ve created this fashion board around a super cute tribal-print dress from Cowgirl Crush.  I think the dress is currently sold out (sorry for giving false hope…) BUT you still need to go check out their stuff.  Super cute.  Half of my Christmas gifts were from their website!  🙂

TribalFashion Board1.  Fairburn Necklace in Coral |  2.  Wildflower Freedom Booties |  3.  Westward Journey |  4.  Rhinestone Embroidered Headwrap |  5.  Butter London Nail Polish (Color: Bit Faker)

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Wordless Wednesday: Pretty Nails


I just love it when my nails are painted!  And I’m a bit obsessive about neutral colors, but I also like a touch of a pop of color, so this idea was perfectly suited for my taste!  I had decided on the tan color from Essie called “Case Study” and saw the pink “Bachelorette Bash” by Essie out of the corner of my eye, only to conclude that the two colors could work as a team on my fingernails.  I was happy with the outcome.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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