On Eating Dove

We’ve got a lot of dove flying around our house and Phil enjoys hunting, so you can imagine his excitement when there is an abundance of hunt-able birds just a step outside of his back door.

I’m not so sure about eating dove, so you can imagine my dismay excitement when Phil brought 6 dove into our house that he had just killed and cleaned…and was now pumped to eat.  He asked me if I had any dove recipes that I knew of.  That would be a negative.  

So, my own Phil Robertson asked me to be a Miss Kay Bri and to find a good recipe.  Thankfully, Google and a girl named Lauren had my back and I found a blog post titled, The Best Dove Marinade.  The recipe was pretty much a jalapeño popper with a dove breast wrapped in bacon.  You can’t really go wrong with cream cheese and bacon so that was the recipe that I settled on.

The actual marinade for the dove was very good, but I think that we cooked those dove breasts just a bit too long.  Next time, we’ll try cooking them for a shorter amount of time.  I am sure that there will be a next time to try dove breasts, but I am content with spacing out my dove meals!  (I think that I will stick with chicken as my bird of choice)  And as much as I absolutely love watching Duck Dynasty, I don’t think that I’d do well as a Robertson.  I’m too much of a “yuppy.”  😉

Jalapeño Poppers a la Dove

Jalapeño Poppers a la Dove

photo 2


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