Homegrown Food

On Wednesday afternoon I was trying to figure out an “activity” to do with my 5 month old.  I decided to take a blanket out to the backyard and relax with him out there.  The temperature wasn’t too hot and our male goat had just been moved from our backyard to the front pasture…so it seemed like a good choice to go out there!  And it was.  Thomas just chilled on the blanket taking in all of the sights and sounds that the outdoors provided while I enjoyed having free arms for a quick moment.

Shortly after plopping down on the blanket, Phil pulled up to our house and asked me if we wanted to go pick some sweet corn.  Another great activity for us!  So we headed to the back of the calf ranch where our sweet corn was growing.  While I’ll admit to just walking amongst the corn with Thomas in arms while Phil actually picked the corn, it was fun to say that we got to “pick” it.

Fun Day

Thomas & I walking around the sweet corn. The taller corn to the right of us is corn that we will use for silage to feed our calves.

Sweet Corn

Some of the corn that Phil picked. Our goats enjoyed eating it, as well!

That night for dinner we had sweet corn from our ranch with some of the juiciest, yummiest New York steaks that I’ve ever had (also from our ranch).

Homegrown Meal

This is the most homegrown meal I’ve ever eaten. I am hoping to get a garden underway sometime soon and then hopefully I’ll have a homegrown salad on the plate in the future, too!

Do you have a garden?  Do you live on a farm or ranch of some sort?  What foods do you eat that you grow/farm yourself?  Are you like me and have hopes for a garden someday?  What do you wish to plant?

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