“MILKaholic” Baby Shower

My aunt threw her daughter-in-law an absolutely adorable baby shower the other day!  The theme was “Milkaholic” inspired by a baby shower as seen on this blog post from Hostess With The Mostess.  There was a whole lot of the color blue & cow print at this shower, which was perfect for these dairy farm families & their baby boy on the way. 


Each table had their own tin bucket filled with water bottles, milk & chocolate milk from a local dairy farm, Top O’ The Morn Farms (SO good…if you’re in the Central Valley you definitely need try this milk!).  Dessert was the most adorable cupcakes from The Frosted Muffin – you must also try these if you’re in the Visalia area.  I had them make cupcakes to announce our pregnancy to Phil’s family.  They do such a great job!


How CUTE are these cupcakes?!

I was in charge of games & I copied a couple of games that we played at my baby shower.  Pinterest of course was responsible for the creative genius behind them! 

Game #1 – It was more an activity.  You purchase diapers for guests to write funny or encouraging notes on for the bleary-eyed parents during late night diaper changes.  I SO appreciated getting to read these notes when I changed Thomas’ diapers at night and throughout the day because let’s face it…you do a lot of diaper changing during those first couple of months! 

IMG_2620(2)Game #2 – Measure The Belly Game.  I’m sure that there is a better name for it, but that’s what I’m calling it!  Each guest gets a piece of pre-cut yarn and guesses the circumference of the mom-to-be’s belly.  You cut the string to be the size that you believe will best fit around her belly.  You can do this game two ways.  First, you can have each guest take turns wrapping the string around the mom-to-be’s belly or Second, you can measure the mom-to-be’s belly and cut the string to match her belly size.  Then you have guests compare their string to the mom-to-be’s string.  The second option is a bit less invasive if the mom-to-be prefers not to be touched too much! 😉

photo(14)Game #3 – It was a fun quiz about the mom-to-be such as her weight when she was born, whether or not she was a colicky or happy baby, etc.

Overall, it was a very fun shower and the theme was perfect for this mom-to-be.  Congratulations Jason & Michele!  We can’t wait to meet your sweet boy!

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