Belko Birthday Bash

happy day

The past two weeks we have been celebrating birthdays in my family!  My birthday was May 12 and Phil’s was exactly one week later on the 19th.  In my family, we celebrate “Birthday Week.”  Growing up, we would open a couple of presents on our birthday day and then we would get to pick where/what we wanted to eat for our birthday dinner.  Phil’s family celebrated similarly.

Recently, my mom began to slowly introduce us to the whole birthday-week world.  I think it originated because my mom loves Starbucks and celebrating a birthday week was a good excuse to get Starbucks more than one day per week.  I, too, love Starbucks so I was not opposed.  This year, mother went above and beyond the call of birthday week duties and brought me little birthday “treats” to work almost everyday.  Basically, it was a good birthday week.

And for my birthday, I got to go on a sushi date with Phil!  So.stinking.good.  Just a year ago, I didn’t like sushi.  Somehow he got me hooked on it and now I’m slightly obsessed.

The following weekend was Phil’s birthday and we had some of his family come and visit the new ranch house that we live in.  Then we had a combined birthday party (I called it the “Belko Birthday BBQ Bash” – I like alliteration.) with my family and his to celebrate both of our birthdays.  It was so fun & we had a blast just getting to enjoy time with family.  No better way to spend your birthday, right?!

Here's me...being a birthday girl.

Here’s me…being a birthday girl.




6 thoughts on “Belko Birthday Bash

  1. Brandi

    Happy belated birthday! I love the platter/cutting board(?) with the cow on it! It sounds like May is a pretty fun month at your house. I feel like we have a lot in common with both moving to the country. I started a blog so if you’d like to follow along it’s at I’m always looking for things to do/people to talk to while my boyfriend is MIA, haha.

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Hey Brandi,
      Thanks for reading the blog! It’s a cow platter that you saw – it’s from Target! Target has some really fun BBQ-type stuff.
      I will definitely check your blog out – I love meeting fellow bloggers who have similar lives to myself 🙂 Happy writing!

      1. Brandi

        I just went to Target the other day. They do have the cutest BBQ stuff. I just had to buy a couple of the platters. 🙂

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Thanks! It’s a denim dress & it’s from Target! I have a confession that MOST things that I own come from Target 😉 They have a couple of different washes of denim dresses, too. And skirts!


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