Flying Cockroaches

Recently Phil & I moved to the calf ranch.  What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been!

One thing that’s been particularly er, fun, to deal with living in the country is the bug issue.  There are a lot of bugs (go figure) and I am not really a fan.

The first week that we lived in the house we dealt with flying cockroaches.  Did you know such a thing existed?  I sure didn’t!


They were everywhere.  And there were thousands of them.  At night while we ate dinner, these roaches could be seen flying all around our house.  One night in particular, I turned off all of the lights in our house & walked down the hallway toward our bedroom.  In order to see in the dark, I lit my phone screen to be my guide & as I walked with my lit phone, 2 roaches crashed into my phone screen.

Every time we would open up the shower door, there would be 5-7 dead roaches.  Roaches would get stuck in Phil’s bar of soap.  Roaches EVERY.WHERE.  And their life spans were incredibly short as they would usually come into our house just long enough to die.  Every morning when I woke up, I’d awake to find hundreds of these things in our front entry, not to mention a few hundred more scattered around the house.

Our front entryway....the morning after I had vacuumed the night before.

Our front entryway….the morning after I had vacuumed the night before.

We talked to a dairyman who lives across the street from us and asked him about the roaches.  He said about once or twice a year for 2-3 weeks at a time, these bugs just invade their house.  I’m happy to say that I think we’re coming close to the end of the 2-week mark because this week our cockroach numbers seem to be dwindling.  But let me just tell you, hundreds of flying cockroaches in my house were an epically unfortunate introduction to country life for a bug-hater like myself!

Besides the roaches, I’ve adjusted to life in the country rather well and I do quite enjoy it.  But how many people get to say that their house has been swarmed by flying cockroaches?  Not many!  I’m just lucky, I guess.  🙂

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