Cotton Candy Fingernails


All colors on my nails are by Essie.  I have a slight obsession.  Both with having my nails painted, and the Essie brand.  Below are the 3 colors that I used.


Do you have any favorite nail polish colors?  I’d love to hear – I’m always on the lookout for sweet, new colors!

Signature Final


12 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Fingernails

  1. Kelly M. Rivard (@KMRivard)

    Your nails are adorable. Like you.

    My favorite nail polish investment lately has been a matte finish topcoat.

    Seriously. It’s such a small thing but it makes a HUGE difference in the appearance of nails. I love it.

      1. Kelly M. Rivard (@KMRivard)

        I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it unless I knew I loved it — so I bought a cheap matte topcoat at the pharmacy. Next time around I’ll be buying Essie or OPI since I KNOW I’ll want good long wear out of it!

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Crystal, I used to be so bad at painting my own nails too! But then my husband took getting my nails done out of the budget. So, I just forced myself to become a nail-painter! I’ll have to check out the Essie Watermelon color. Thanks for the suggestion!


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