Photobombed by Cows

Okay, so I was photobombed by 2 bulls, not cows.  But what are the chances of someone Google searching the words “photobomb” & “bulls” together?  It’s not the first thing I’d search for, so to my benefit, I mislead you a bit.  I apologize.  BUT, if you’re wondering why bulls are different from cows, check out my Cow Concordance for the answer!

Anyways, yesterday I was taking pictures in the corrals on the ranch for our Facebook page and I was trying to get a picture of some cattle eating.  Well, all of a sudden I felt something brush past my rear end and turned around to find 2 friendly calves smelling me, along with the rest of the herd a few steps behind them.

So I crouched down, flipped my camera around, and started snapping pictures.  The two friendly calves were cracking me up and I ended up getting some fun shots them in it.  One of the perks of working on a calf ranch is that it is possible to be photobombed by 2 bulls!


Signature Final


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