A Pink Laundry Room

I’ve always loved pink.  My mom hated pink, and then God played a joke on her by giving her a daughter whose favorite color was pink.  I think it’s funny.

Sometimes though, I need a break from pink and I choose a different favorite color.  Or sometimes, I simply just say I don’t have a favorite color.  If you ask Phil, he’ll tell you that I like “neutral colors.”  Which, is very much correct.  I like color, but I like toned-down color.

Well, Phil & I are moving to the calf ranch in the next couple of weeks, and the color of paint that I chose for the laundry room is anything but toned-down.  I mean, it’s bright.  And it’s pink.  It’s bright pink!  In our current home in the city, our house is decorated kind of rustic.  With tones of burnt red, gold, turquoise & naturals being the main scheme.  But now that we’re moving to the country, I’m feeling the need to stay in touch with my city girl side.

So I’m decorating a bit more…modern.  Maybe chic.  And some industrial chic.  With rustic still found throughout the house.  If you’re having a hard time following, don’t worry.  I’m not even really sure if I know what look I’m going for.  But I’ve always wanted a pink room and have been too scared to do such a thing so I decided that the laundry room would be the perfect room to paint pink.  If I get sick of it, it’s not like I live life in the laundry room all of the time.  So it seemed do-able.

When I suggested to Phil that I wanted the walls to be pink, he asked me if I was sure about 3 times.  Every time, I told him I was sure.  I loved it!  Do it!  I even sent him the emoji with the heart eyes (iPhone emoji-ers, you know which one I’m talking about.)

So the laundry room was painted pink.  And then I saw the pink laundry room in person and began to have major doubts.  In fact, as I type this post, I’m still slightly doubting.

BUT, I put together this little inspiration board of things that I want in the laundry room.  Hopefully this decor will help tone down the pink and lift up my confidence in the laundry room.  And FYI, I only included the paint swatch of the wall color because I need you to believe in the pink laundry room more than I do.  I need your full support here, people!  And I don’t think providing you with a picture of the empty, bright pink room would give me your full support.  🙂

Laundry Room Blog

1.  Knappa Pendant Lamp via Ikea //  2. Lips Print via Furbish  //  3. Nail-Yarn Art via Free People, this is a DIY  //  4. Rose Fantasy via Pittsburgh Paints  //  5. Magical Thinking Triangle Rug via Urban Outfitters

So that’s it.  That’s what I’ve got so far.  If you have any suggestions, I’m quite open to them.  And if you love the pink walls, maybe tell me that too.  My heart is telling me that I love the pink, but my eyes are showing me that I’m not super sure about it quite yet.

Stay tuned for pink laundry room progress updates…

Ciao bellas.

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3 thoughts on “A Pink Laundry Room

  1. angsamp

    I think it sounds cute. You could make a rustic laundry sign on whitewashed wood to tone it down. Also I like the idea of adding in some pastel blues, greens and greys.

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Those are fabulous ideas! Since I usually go for “natural colors”, I especially like the idea of tying some greys into it! And I love the laundry sign on whitewashed wood. Thank you for the inspiration!

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