Fashion: Floppy Cowgirl Hat

So last fall there was kind of this floppy cowgirl//rancher hat craze, in case you didn’t notice.

I loved the look and I thought, I have a total excuse to wear one of those!  I mean, working at a calf ranch is a shoe-in for being allowed to wear cowboy hats, right?

I found this hat that I loved on Anthropologie‘s website.  I discretely hinted toward my brother who had drawn my name for Christmas that I wanted this hat.  Ok, maybe not quite discretely… I told him that I really, really wanted this hat and I would be so sad if he didn’t get it for me!

Being the sweet brother that he is, I opened up my Christmas gift from him and there was the hat that I had requested!  I’ll be honest though, the hat has only been worn ONCE since I got it for Christmas because I haven’t been able to find the guts to wear it.  Sure, the cowgirl hats were in style, but it’s not like everyone was walking around wearing a big hat.


I came across this quote on Pinterest one day and I just loved it.  In my head I said a silent “Amen!” to myself, and I decided that I would try to have that mindset more often.  Quite frankly, I love getting dressed up.  I do have days where I just feel like wearing my fleece pajama pants with lab puppies on them, but most of the time I want to get gussied up!  But so often, I tone it down for fear of being “overdressed.”  This quote inspired me.

And today when I got ready to head to the ranch for work, I saw my cowgirl hat up in my closet just waiting to see some calves.  The wise words of Mr. Wilde flashed through my head as I reached for the hat and placed it on my head.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my hat.  It does quite a good job of protecting my face from the sun as well.  I would just like to take this moment to encourage you to remember that you can never be overdressed. 😉



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