“Hey Girl”

Ryan Gosling is a bit dreamy.  Not as dreamy as my husband, Phil, but he’s dreamy nonetheless.  Some obsessive girl out there, or some smart man who caught on to our Ryan Gosling craze in America created these memes that are now referred to as “Hey Girl” pictures.  They’re hilarious.  I’ve seen them numerous times, but never taken the time to sit down and look at some of them.  Until the other day.

The other day I jumped on Instagram and someone had posted this meme:

heygirl1I laughed so stinking hard.  Mostly because I’ve been questioned (more than once) by Phil on how we manage to spend so much money at Target every month.  To which I give an honest answer of, we need groceries!  Like food, and toilet paper and laundry detergent and Mossimo tee-shirts in every color and Essie nail polish and home decor….  Ok, perhaps that’s my problem.  At Target, clothes and nail polish always seem to just…jump into my shopping cart!  And how can I say “no” to jumping nail polish and clothes?  Exactly.

So, now that you know my relationship with Target, you can probably appreciate why this meme is so funny to me.  I sent this picture to Phil and when he opened the text, he immediately started laughing.  I also sent it to my sister-in-law because she and I have sympathized with each other’s Target spending habits more than once.  She loved it  as well and proceeded to send me more “Hey Girl” memes.

And they made me laugh just as hard.  It’s like the people creating the memes know my life…  Actually, that’s why these memes are so funny.  I know I’m not the only Target-obsessed person.  And I also know that I’m not the only person obsessed with Downton Abbey & Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, am I right?!

heygirl2memeAnd although I don’t agree with Ryan Gosling’s recent link up with PETA (Read about it at my friend, Dairy Carrie‘s blog), I like him as an actor and the memes just make me laugh.  So I can’t help but have a small soft spot for the actor.  Ever so small, though.

What are your favorite “Hey Girl” memes?

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