World Ag Expo…and Ice Cream

“The Farm Show” as Central Valley folk call it.  The rest of the country and the world knows it as “World Ag Expo.”  In school, we got the day off in honor of the farm show.  Why?  Because one year they tried to keep school in session during the farm show and I think only 18/400 kids in the high school showed up that day.  That’s why.

So, the farm show is next week and I’m quite excited.  For me, it means that my agriculture friends from around the country will be coming to a town very near mine.  It means that I get to meet new people who I’ve met via Social Media, and see old friends again.  For me, it basically means that I get to be super social with all of my fellow ag-lovers.  The delicious tri-tip sandwiches and the free samples never hurt anyone either!

But my other favorite part about the farm show is the ice cream.  It’s not like it’s super duper special ice cream, but still…who doesn’t love ice cream?  So that’s my exciting news.  For any of you who will be attending the World Ag Expo next week, there’s a contest over on the Grimmius Cattle Co Facebook page.

Farm Show

All you have to do is share why you love going to the farm show, or what your favorite part about it is and you will receive a coupon for a free HAAGEN DAZ ice cream to be redeemed next week at the Expo.  There is a limited number of coupons however, so hurry!  Go check it out!

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