Spring Fashion 2013

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been looking into my closet and thinking to myself, “Man, my spring/summer wardrobe is WAY cuter than my winter wardrobe!”  And with every passing day, I get more and more eager for warm weather to make its appearance.  Not only for the cute clothes, but for the sunshine and tan that comes along with it!

In an attempt to fill my heart’s longing for spring time, I’m going to begin posting spring outfit ideas.  That way we can all be inspired!  😉

Spring Outfit1. Tinley Road Sparkle Stud Earring $16.00|2. Michael Michael Kors Womens MK Flex Low Pumps in Nude Patent $97.95|3. Rachel Roy Cut Back Dress in Capri Blue $328|4. Matte Doo-Wop Glasses $38|5. Olli Exotic Leather Clutch in Cognac $48

Staring out my window at this gloomy, rainy day makes me that much more excited for spring!

Ciao bellas,



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