Christmas Decor at the Bungalow

This past weekend my husband and I went on a double-date with my parents and picked out our very first Christmas tree (as a married couple)!  I was so excited, as I had literally had Christmas ornaments sprawled out all over the desk in our “misc. room” waiting to be hung on a Christmas tree for weeks!  

Now that the Belko Bungalow is completely decorated and ready for Christmas I wanted to share a few pictures with you of our Christmas-y home.  xmas1

This is on our kitchen counter.  The lantern is recycled from our wedding.  At our wedding it hung over our dessert table with a collection of other lanterns, but for Christmas purposes I filled it with silver, brown and sparkly cinnamon-scented acorns.  The Bible verse is a picture frame that I bought I Target.  Instead of a picture, I put scrapbook paper in the frame and now use at as a whiteboard and write different Bible verses on it every week!  It’s an easy alternative to painting a frame with chalkboard paint.


Next to our couch, I have a manzanita tree branch in a vase, which is always there.  I just change out the ribbon to match the seasons – so right now it’s a gold sequin ribbon, because Christmas time means even more sparkles than usual in my book!  The two candles are from an amazing place called Hobby Lobby.  They’re also recycled material from our wedding.  I put a few gold ball ornaments inside of a glass footed serving bowl and surrounded the foot of the bowl with a champagne satin fabric (also from our wedding).


Also on our kitchen counter, this adorable snowman wine topper is from Sur La Table, and the mini sparkle poinsettia is from Trader Joe’s.  I never say “no” to sparkle!


And this is our Christmas tree!  It’s so fun getting to decorate your first Christmas tree as a married person.  Although, I will say that decorating a Christmas tree is way more difficult that it appears!  It took me over 3 hours to decorate this guy.  Now I’m just hoping that the tree and the gifts underneath it survive the curiosity and terror of this beast:  pup

Happy decorating, everyone!






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