Life Lately: In Pictures

I often feel like my life is really busy, although when I take the time to reflect on the past day, week or month…I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been doing that makes me so busy!  Funny how that happens.

Anyway, I figured I’d update you on my life as of late in picture form.

A couple of weeks ago my mom, grandma and I went on a girls weekend trip to Southern California.  We enjoyed going to California Adventure (we are all pretty big Disney fans-we must be related or something!).  We got to the park, knew what rides we wanted to go on, where they were and we stayed all day until the park closed.  It was a good, fun time!

Me & Mom.  How cute are the beach ball pillows at the Disney Paradise Pier Hotel?!

Cars Land is now open at California Adventure!

Me, mom & grandma waiting for the World of Color show to start…and yes, I do have sparkly Minnie Mouse ears!

On the same girls trip, I tried an oyster for the very first time!  And I discovered that I’m not so sure that I really care for oysters much.  However, I am willing to try oysters again.  I probably shouldn’t have eaten an oyster straight from the sea for my first try, but oh well!  I learned that the texture didn’t bother me, it was more the fact that I felt like I was eating/drinking straight ocean water.  I don’t like the taste of ocean water.

He was definitely a slimy little guy!

I also enjoyed getting to see an absolutely gorgeous sunrise over Ventura Beach.

Isn’t it pretty?

Angus, our black lab/short-haired pointer pup is…still a pup.  Although we did notice that he got a little bit taller in the last week.  My favorite Angus continues to be Sleeping Angus.  (He’s kind of a handful!)

He’s just…so calm while he sleeps!

I also had the opportunity to get involved with an organization called I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul.  I’ve headed up a catalyst group for them that is composed of a group of young people from the Central Valley.  Our goal as an organization is to give a modern face to farming (because let’s face it…most farmers are not hicks nowadays!) as well as to just open up the door for a conversation about agriculture.  Our catalyst group did a fun photo shoot last week Sunday for the website.  Keep your eyes open for the Central Valley Catalyst group making an appearance on the ILF website soon!

One of our pretty catalyst girls during the I Love Farmers photo shoot!


And last, but not least, I threw a 31 Bits  house party at my home.  It was really easy and really fun.  31 Bits is a group of SoCal ladies who (long story, short) have partnered up with some women in Uganda to make awesome jewelry.  All of the jewelry is made of tiny bits of paper (you can’t tell at all unless you look really close, but it’s still a cool talking point!) and it gives the Ugandan women a way to make a living.  It’s just a really awesome cause.  If you want to get involved, you fill out an application of why you’d like to host a house party and then they ship you a box of jewelry a week before your party.  Whatever you sell, great!  Whatever you don’t sell, just send back to them.  There’s more info on their website though, so I would encourage you to check it out.

My 31 Bits jewelry set up at my house 🙂

So, in a nutshell (or pictures), that’s what I’ve been up to lately!






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