Christmas Come Early

My super cute Christmas sign from Hobby Lobby. Have you experienced a Hob Lob? Man, they’re the best!

Ah, yes…the most wonderful time of the year.

I have an extreme case of mixed emotions in regards to how soon one can go into Christmas mode.  For example, I went to Target on Halloween day, and when those automatic glass doors opened in front of me I was slightly disappointed to find Christmas banners looming overhead.  I mean, they didn’t even let me celebrate Halloween without making me think about Christmas first!

I don’t want you to think that I don’t love Christmas because I do.  In fact, I’ve been buying some ornaments and decorations for my first Christmas as a married woman and I’m biting at the bit to start decorating!  On the other hand, it just doesn’t feel right to begin Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving.

BUT my husband & I are going out of town until the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  And that seems so long to have to wait for Christmas decorations!  As you can see, I’m in quite a predicament right now.  To decorate early for Christmas, or to not decorate early for Christmas?  That is the question.

What about you?  Do you sneak your Christmas decorations up a few days early?  Or do you wait until the last-minute to decorate?



One thought on “Christmas Come Early

  1. Kelly M. Rivard (@KMRivard)

    I love Hobby Lobby. I have to make a conscious effort to avoid if when I’m saving money. Between having a new(ish) apartment and a background in art, it’s a money hole.

    But, I DID splurge on a bunch of Christmas decorations last time I was there. I’m planning to decorate my apartment this week, hopefully…including a small tree! I’m excited!

    Love the sign, girl. I can only imagine how adorable your whole place will be when it’s all gussied up for the holidays 🙂


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