A Radiant Harvest Carnival

Phil and I have been attending a church in Visalia called Radiant Church.  We’ve been going steadily for the past 3 months, since we got married and we love it!  If you’re looking for a church, consider this me inviting you to come check it out!

Yesterday, Radiant had their Second Annual Harvest Carnival.  We gathered at a couple of people’s houses out in the country and as a church, celebrated hearts turning toward God as a few people got baptized.  After that, there was a carnival area set up for the kids!  Each home group was in charge of having a couple of carnival games.  There was a treat (cake) walk, a fishing game, a wheel of candy game, hay ride and even a paintball booth where kids got to use a paintball and a slingshot to try to hit Goliath!  There were bombdotcom tacos from a local taco truck and even better churros.  Man, I love a good churro.  We had fun, basically.  And here are a couple of pictures to prove it!

A cowboy & a leopard

Goliath…after he’d endured a few paintball shots





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