My Love Affair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Being newlyweds in a new home, which I lovingly refer to as the Belko Bungalow, we’ve had a few fun projects around the house that needed to be done.  One of my projects was a kitchen table that was passed down to me from my mom.  The table had white legs with a light-stain wood table top.  The chairs were different colors, some were blue, some red, some green & some white – her kitchen theme was “fiesta.”  However, my kitchen theme is not fiesta, so I had a genius idea to repaint the table.  My sweet husband began sanding the top of the table (after I idiotically put dark lacquer on top of the previous lacquer – no one told me I had to sand it first!), but it was taking for.ever. to sand, and my husband’s patience with sanding was beginning to dwindle.

And then I happened upon an adorable shop that is in downtown Visalia: Embellish & Restore.  It’s amazing!  The owner repurposes furniture with something called chalk paint.  I had a conversation with her as I was browsing around her shop and she told me that you don’t have to sand or primer or do anything before using chalk paint.  Hello beautiful.  It sounded like it was my kinda paint, so I purchased some and went home to begin my project.  I did a test run on one of the chairs and I loved how it turned out!  And I knew right then, that I was slightly obsessed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

So I’ve painted a few things since that discovery and I can’t wait to show it to you guys when it’s all put together!  But for now, I’ll show you a few snippets!

Our pantry door. Yes, it’s turquoise. And yes, you can write on chalk paint. I put our weekly meal menu on the door. I don’t usually abide by it, but it is up there. As you can see, I strayed from the menu and my husband crossed out “stir fry” and put our actual meal up on the door, complete with a pig picture!

I couldn’t help myself…I just had to paint these cute little pumpkins!

Our table & chairs

Window shutters. I painted the first layer with a black graphite color and brushed a yellow on top to give the shutters a distressed look.

See, isn’t chalk paint so fun?!  Now, I find myself looking around for random things that need to be painted.  Could be dangerous… 😉

Ciao bellas.






4 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

  1. Anonymous

    I LOOOOOVEEE the way your table turned out! Did you put slip covers on the other two chairs? I loved it when it was in your garage half way finished. I am wanting to paint my dining room table–update my look.

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Thank you! I love it, too! I did put slip covers on the other two chairs…I wanted to have different looking chairs for the end chairs, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on pretty end chairs 🙂

  2. Lacey

    What fun projects! The able looks great! I can’t wait till we own our own home so I can start fun DIY projects and chalkboard paint everything lol.

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