Wordless Wednesday: Hiking in Pictures

I realize that this post is supposed to be “wordless,” but I don’t want you guys to be looking at these photos and have no idea what you are looking at!

This past Sunday, my grandma took me & hubs, our good friends and my cousins on a hike in Sequoia National Park. It was a beautiful hike, as the trees were beginning to change color. The air was filled with a fall chill that our lungs welcomed gladly. Basically, we had fun and I have pictures to prove it.

The colors were absolutely GORGEOUS. They proved that fall is here.

Hubs, myself & our friends!

Following the leader (Grandma was the leader!)

He kissed my cheek, which was sweet. But if you can see the face that I’m pulling, it’s because he kind of slobbered on my cheek also. đŸ™‚

How old is the tree?

All the hiking ladies!

I joked that we were republican & democrat due to our clothing choices. I think I’ve been watching too much of Fox News!


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