The End of a Season

I feel like it’s the end of December, and I’m closing the chapter to what feels like an insanely busy, emotional, crazy, roller coaster of  a year.  With that, comes the window where I can see clear to the upcoming year and it looks like it’s full of great things and opportunity to make new goals.  (By the way, do you ever wonder why we always wait until January to make new resolutions?!)

But it’s not the end of December.  However, I think I’m closing the chapter to a crazy season in my life.  It’s been emotional, no doubt.  I’ve experienced the happiest of times and the saddest of times in the past 11 months.  I’ll try to give you a glimpse of a timeline of the past, nearly a year:

11 months ago, my grandpa Grimmius was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia.  11 months ago, and 2 days after Grandpa’s diagnosis, I went on my first date with the man who I now call my husband.

Me, cousins & Grandpa on Thanksgiving Day at Stanford Hospital.

10 months ago my grandpa came home from Stanford after receiving a month of intensive chemotherapy treatment, and the prognosis was not a positive one.  Doctors only gave him 2-3 months of life maximum.  9 months ago, Phil (who was my boyfriend at the time) left for Kenya for what was supposed to be 4 months.

8 months ago, Phil surprised me by coming back from Kenya 3 months early and proposing to me on Valentine’s Day.  8 months ago, Grandpa was still miraculously alive and beginning to feel a little better as each day went on.

4 months ago, we received the news that through the power of God, Grandpa’s Leukemia was gone!  There was no sign of it in his blood!

3 months ago, we received the news that his leukemia had returned.  With only 1 month left until Phil & I got married, I prayed fervently that Grandpa would be able to be at our wedding and not feel too crummy.

2 months ago, Phil & I said “I do,” and our beautiful day was filled with so much joy!  We were surrounded by family & friends…and GRANDPA!

2 weeks ago Grandpa lost his battle with leukemia with our Grimmius family by his side.  On exactly mine & Phil’s 2 month wedding anniversary, we laid Grandpa’s earthly body to rest, celebrated and remembered Grandpa’s life and legacy.

In a nutshell, the past 11 months of my life have been C.R.A.Z.Y.!!!!!  I’ve been filled with so much joy, but yet so much sadness.  This year has been wonderful though, and I’ve been surrounded by the best family & friends any girl could ever ask for.  I’m blessed, to say the least!  But with all that, I’ve been slacking in the area of my work.

I haven’t had much enthusiasm for agriculture, or sharing fun life stories with you guys because well…I’ve had a lot on my mind!  And Grandpa’s passing away, I feel in a sense, has closed the chapter to this crazy season of my life.  I realize that there will be plenty more of those seasons and years, but for now I think that I am slowly starting to see clear again.  And although it’s not a new year, it seems as though it’s the start to a new season.  As each day continues on, I can slowly feel my creative juices start to flow again.  It’s hard to explain, but I wanted to write today to explain why I’ve been MIA in so many areas of agriculture and let you know that I’m in the process of making a come back!  😉  I also know that many of you have lifted up my family in thoughts and prayers during these past few months, and I want to thank you so much for doing so.  I have felt them all!  Love you guys.


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