Unswayed by McDonald’s Calorie Count

McDonald’s has jumped on the band wagon.  The band wagon that I’d like to call, “Americans acting like they want to know more about their food, but really they don’t give a crap.”

Go ahead, gasp if you want to.  Tell me I’m full of it.  But quite frankly, I think that this whole thing is stupid.  I think it’s stupid because a small portion of America is creating chaos for farmers & food companies alike, while the majority of average-Americans could care less about what they eat.

Earlier this week, McDonald’s announced that it would begin to post caloric counts on all of their menus as well as add a couple of healthier options to their menus.  Maybe I am speaking for myself, but when I go to McDonald’s, I don’t go there expecting to get a healthy meal.  I also know that I should not make eating at McDonald’s a regular habit because NEWS FLASH: it.is.not.HEALTHY.  

However, every now and then, I crave McDonald’s.  And when I crave McDonald’s, I don’t crave a chicken salad, I crave a Big Mac or chicken nuggets.  I crave a medium french fry.  I crave a Dr. Pepper, and perhaps even a mini-sized Oreo McFlurry to top it all off.  Every now and then, childhood memories of McDonald’s cause me to just…want to eat McDonald’s.  And sometimes, a long day, or hormonal imbalances due to PMS syndrome, cause me to crave french fries and a McFlurry.

But I tell you what, no matter how large they post the caloric numbers on McDonald’s’ menus, when I go there once or twice a year, the calorie count will not sway my decision-making.  If I wanted a meal of nutritional value, I’d make it for myself.  No, when I go to McDonald’s, I’ll continue to stuff my face with all things unhealthy off of their menu along with the majority of American consumers who find their way into their local McDonald’s.

Bon apetit, America.


8 thoughts on “Unswayed by McDonald’s Calorie Count

  1. Kelly M. Rivard (@KMRivard)

    I’m a calorie counting. Calorie counting has played a huge role in my weight-loss; I’ve lost almost 20 pounds in just over 2 months. At the same time, I don’t walk into McDonald’s and order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and expect that to contribute to my weight goals. It just isn’t realistic. And I don’t hold anyone else accountable for my well-being.

    If I want something fried, greasy, and so-bad-for-my-health-but-so-good-for-my-tastebuds, I Google it. If I can find the calories, awesome. If not, I assume I probably don’t really want to know and commit to eating half. It takes work, but it’s oh-so-rewarding, and it’s MY responsibility.

    So, while it’s super-convenient that I can walk into Mickey D’s and see calories, now…it isn’t their responsibility. It isn’t farmers’ responsibilities. It’s mine. I take accountability for my own body and my own health.

    Me. No one else.

    And if I ever have a family, I will take accountability for my children’s health too. Because chicken nuggets every now and then won’t kill them. But, if faceless strangers at a desk somewhere else try to tell me how to raise my kids…I might kill THEM.

    End rant. I’m obviously feeling feisty today. Great blog post.

  2. fromheelstoboots Post author

    Haha…YES! I love you. And I completely agree with you. I quit calorie-counting when I realized that I was becoming unhealthily obsessive with it. And I learned to just eat in moderation, also like you mentioned. If I’m craving something unhealthy, I’ll eat it, but I am always sure to eat it in moderation. It’s a pretty simple rule of thumb, and quite painless.

    And amen to individuals being responsible for their own health. It’s not McDonald’s responsibility, it’s not the USDA’s responsibility…it’s no one’s but our own!

    Congratulations on 20 pounds, by the way! That’s awesome. Thank you for ranting…I thoroughly enjoyed it. You’re welcome to rant anytime you want! And, thanks! 🙂

  3. An Irish Male In America

    I don’t object to all these places putting calorie counts on meals. However, I don’t think it educates people in any way whatsoever about their food. It’s nothing more than McDonalds using market research as to how to entice customers. If one chain lists a calorie count, the others will follow (faster if they see a rise in that chains customers). McDonalds don’t care if you stay skinny, get fat, or grow a 2nd head… they just care that you buy their product, same as any other fast food chain (although I’m sure someone at this point has figured if a customer dies of a heart attack, then they are down a customer!). One thing is for sure, when I read online how many calories are in some fast food items, I am totally shocked! And wow, they contain 5 days worth of salt? My God! how could this be!!!! Does it stop me from buying them? Hell no! Not if I think they are tasty! I just make sure I don’t eat them every day. When I think I’m putting on too many pounds, do I go into a fast food joint, read the calorie listing beside each item and order the item with the fewest amount of calories? Nope! I either just don’t go eat fast food, or I eat fast food and then work out like crazy for the next two weeks. At the end of the day, no one else is responsible for your life but you! (unless you are in a hostage situation or something, then you MAY have an excuse, but come on, how often does THAT happen). Either way, I’d probably be more interested in a sign stating how often their employee’s wash their hands, or what temperature the food was stored at, than see a sign telling me how many calories are in my big mac or nuggets. I’m pretty sure if I buy a bucket of 40 nuggets I’m not the healthiest person in the world to begin with……..

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      I don’t know what else to say, except that I absolutely agree with everything that you just said! I feel as though you took that words out of my brain. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  4. Daisy Escobosa

    I agree with the guy above. Ha!
    I remember counting calories and being obsessed over it but I had no idea what I was actually suppose to eat. Counting calories is pointless if your not informed! People need to stop blaming everyone else for their choices.

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Amen and amen! I totally agree! I think that American culture is all about instant gratification and not taking responsibility for our own actions. Hence, eating fast food whenever we want to…and then blaming the fast food companies for getting fat for eating too MUCH fast food!


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