#WorthTheFight for Food, Fashion & Future Generations

Today my friend and fellow agvocate, Dairy Carrie has encouraged people to write about agriculture being Worth The Fight based off of a song that is, take a guess, called “Worth the Fight” by The Departed.  I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post about this, but I realized that Twitter didn’t give me enough characters to explain why I think agriculture is worth the fight.

For many of my farming friends, agriculture is worth preserving to them because it’s their passion and their way of life.  It is something that they want to be able to pass down to their children someday.  Agriculture has been in their families and in their blood for generations, and they are willing to fight for it so that it is not lost.

I on the other hand, am a city girl.  Although I work on my family’s calf ranch, I have bigger loves and passions than agriculture.  For example, I love fashion.  If I could own a boutique, or be a personal shopper, do something, anything involved with clothes, I’d be on Cloud 9.  I love food and cooking.  (If you give a girl a Pinterest account…see what recipes she’ll discover and watch her cook away!)  I love my family and I love my Heavenly Father.  I love my freedom and my country.  I love sports – growing up with 3 brothers and zero sisters, I’ve grown to love baseball and football.

Food & Fashion…Just 2 reasons why agriculture is worth the fight to me!

I don’t live on a farm, I live in the city.  There’s not a plot of land that I wish to pass down to my children someday.  I do have a lot of things that I love though, and when I look at the list above, I’m realizing that each and every thing that I mentioned is somehow related to agriculture.  Whether my children someday choose to have the same loves and passions as I do, or not, I hope that they at least have the opportunity to enjoy all of the things that I’ve been able to enjoy.

If I have a daughter who loves fashion, may there still be cotton farmers to produce cotton for the clothes she loves so much!  And food is a no-brainer, I hope that my children will be able to enjoy as many healthy, safe choicesof food as I do!  May they always know the freedom of this country that was founded on God and on men & women who worked hard to establish this nation and produce food for their own families.  And I hope that my boys will have the opportunity to play baseball with a ball and glove that was produced with leather from a cow’s hide, an animal that lived a good life and at the end produced so many more products than just meat for humans to enjoy.

And that’s why I think that agriculture is worth the fight.  If you’re like me, and not a farmer, take the time to think about things that you do love.  You might be surprised to discover just how many of the things that we enjoy doing depends on agriculture.  For me, it’s food, fashion & future generations that make agriculture worth the fight.  What makes it worth the fight for you?
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