I Love Filet Mignon


Recently I discovered CNN’s food news blog, Eatocracy, thanks to one of my fellow Agvocates, Ryan Goodman.  Ryan can be found blogging at his own website, Agriculture Proud as well as blogging guest posts for Eatocracy.  Which is how I found that gem of a food blog – I was reading one of Ryan’s guest posts.  Anywhoo…
Aside from the fact that I feel as though I’m always extremely up-to-date with happenings in the food and agriculture world when I read Eatocracy, I also love that they post whenever it’s some sort of “National Food Day.”  For example, today is National Creamsicle day.  How awesome is that?!  Maybe I’m just strange in enjoying knowing when it’s a national food day, but hey, I love food and I love holidays.  So why not celebrate when you’ve got a national food day?

Yesterday happened to be National Filet Mignon day.

And you can imagine my excitement when I saw that on the cover page of CNN’s food blog, seeing as filet mignon is without a doubt my absolute favorite steak cut of beef.  So, I excitedly sent a text message to my husband telling him that it was National Filet Mignon day, and threw in the suggestion of, “What do you think about having filet mignon for dinner tonight?”  We did.  And it was good.

Some sautéed green beans, potatoes au gratin and thick, juicy filet mignon covered in a cabernet-mushroom sauce.  My husband decided post-dinner that we should probably start working out really hard if we wanted to continue eating like that for the rest of our lives…it’s probably not a bad idea!

What about you – are there any National Food days that are your favorite?  Do you have favorite recipes that you use to celebrate with?




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