Wedding Wednesday: The Final Countdown

Wedding Wednesday is here again!  4 months ago when I began blogging on the whole wedding topic, I felt like my wedding date would never get here.  And now here we are, and I am going to be marrying Phil in 10 days!!!!  And while we have so much finished for the wedding, it still feels like we have so much to do!

In the midst of all of this, Phil and I just purchased a home, to which we received the keys last week Friday.  We’re pretty pumped…”pumped” might not even describe how excited I am about it, but you’ll just have to trust me on it!  So we’ve been unpacking boxes, planning a wedding…and in the meantime, praying for Grandpa to make it in good health until the wedding and praying that it is not so scorching hot on August 4th!

As of right now, the forecast is calling for 99 degree weather next week Wednesday – Friday.  Yikes!  So, it’d be really nice if there was a random 10 degree drop in the forecast for next week Saturday…just sayin’.

I can’t wait for family from out-of-town to start rolling in.  I can’t wait to have a girls night at my bachelorette party on Thursday and I can’t wait to marry my best friend on Saturday!  It’s all so fun!

I’m off to a meeting now (for the wedding, of course!) so I’ll close it up.  Keep Gramps & cooler weather in your prayers…it’s appreciated!  🙂  Ciao bellas.


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