A Cow’s Life for Me

Last week Phil & I embarked on yet another adventure around the dairy on our bikes.  I’m not sure why I love bike rides around dairy farms so much, to be honest, but I do.  I think that part of it is that I have really great memories from back in the day when I babysat for a family on a dairy and we would always go on bike rides there.  I think another part of it is that I love animals, and there’s something that just makes me so happy to ride around with a dog or 2 running along side of me as we go past a lot of cows!

So, Phil & I were riding along and at the end of our bike ride, we rode through one of the free stall barns on the dairy.  If you’re wondering what a free stall barn is, it looks something like this:

Now, this isn’t the exact free stall barn that we rode through (I forgot to bring my phone or camera with me again!), but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.  The free stall barn that we went through contains fans & sprinkler systems for when it’s hot outside.  Both of those items keep the cows lounging in the barn cool & comfortable during the hot summer months in California’s Central Valley.
As we rode past those cows just hanging out, some of them eating to their heart’s content and others just laying under the coolness of the fans & sprinklers, I couldn’t help but think to myself, they’re living the average woman’s dream.  Just to be able to eat however much I wanted of a diet that was established by a nutritionist, and then once I was tired of eating, to go lay down under a mister?!  So I told Phil, “Man, I would LOVE to be a cow!”

And although, realistically, I’m quite thankful that God created me to be a human being, I still can’t help but think that cows have it pretty darn good.


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