Wedding Wednesday: DIY Ribbon Send-Off

I’m pretty thankful for Pinterest.  But then again…who isn’t thankful for Pinterest?

If you’re reading this thinking, “Pin-what?  What’s she talking about?”  You should probably go here right now.

Pinterest is like, the most brilliant collaboration of all things good on the internet.  Now, when I first got engaged and had a wedding to plan, Pinterest was both a downfall, as well as my greatest helper.  Thousands of ideas were at my fingertips without the requirement of me searching all of the World Wide Web to find them.  However, it was too many ideas, and the problem was that none of them seemed to fit together.

So, I first needed to narrow down my wedding theme (See Wedding Wednesday: 4 Months Exactly for wedding theme), in order to narrow down my Pinterest results.  Once I had a theme picked out, I was golden!

Pinterest aides in the inspiration of a lot of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, allowing us brides to appear to be ridiculously creative  on our wedding days, but really…we found it on Pinterest!  One idea that I found, and loved, was the concept of a “Ribbon Send-Off.”  Think…throwing of rice or confetti…or sparklers…something along those lines.  Now, instead of the previously mentioned items, picture the bride & groom walking through a tunnel of guests twirling colorful ribbons.  It’s pretty cute, and I decided to use that in my own wedding!

So, my mom & I have been busy tying & gluing ribbons to the end of Popsicle sticks for guests to wave Phil & me to our getaway car with.  I’m excited to see some of the Ribbon Send-Off pictures…I think they’ll give Raquel Leal Photography some pretty sweet shots!

The ribbons for the ribbon send-off are pretty simple: First you cut off about 2 feet of ribbon.  Tie the ribbon in an even knot around the Popsicle stick, put a dot of glue on top of the knot, and tie one more knot over the dot of glue.  Also, be sure to take a lighter and very carefully burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.  Don’t set the ends on fire though…then they turn black & smell really bad.  And that’s it…1 ribbon down…lots more to go!

Some of our ribbons for the Ribbon Send-Off

Happy Wedding Wednesday!  The countdown is down to 24 days 🙂  Not that I’m counting or anything!


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