Wedding Wednesday: Grandpa

Last week I mentioned that I’d be revealing some DIY crafts for the wedding.  However, there’s been a certain change in events in my family’s life in the past week…so now there’s going to be a little change in topics on today’s Wedding Wednesday post.

8 months ago, 2 days after Thanksgiving, Phil & I went on our first date.  Also 8 months ago, the day before Thanksgiving, my grandpa was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia.  Grandpa went through a month of intense chemo at Stanford, and he was able to come home on Christmas Eve day.  When Grandpa came back home from Stanford, he didn’t want to do chemo anymore, so he went on hospice.  Hospice gave him a time frame of about 2 months to live.

In that same 2 month period, Phil went to Kenya and came back.  We got engaged and Grandpa was around to celebrate our engagement with us!  Grandpa continued to gain more and more strength as the days went on and the effects of the chemo faded.

About a month ago, (7 months after Grandpa came home from Stanford), my Grandpa had a blood test done to see how he was looking cancer-wise.  Test results returned to reveal to us a miracle from God:  Grandpa was cancer-free!  I need to point out that after a month of chemo, when Gramps came home from Stanford, his blood tests showed that there was still cancer in his blood.  He didn’t receive any chemo treatment between that blood test & the blood test that told us he was cancer-free.  It really, really was a miracle that science cannot explain…but the power of God can!!

Grandpa & Grandma 🙂

Last week, Grandpa & Grandma went on a trip to Southern California, and when they came home, he started feeling kind of “puny,” as Grandpa likes to say.  He was running a fever, but we figured he had just done too much.  A week later, his fever remained.  So Grandpa & Grandma went to the doctor on Monday and they did some blood tests.  The tests revealed that Grandpa’s blood cell count was back up, telling us that his cancer has returned.  We’re all very sad about this, but we know that God is in control.  We know that He hears our prayers, and we’ve seen him do an awesome miracle already.  So we continue to pray and try our best to trust Him through life’s roller coasters!

Phil & I get married in 31 days.  31 days!  The time seems like it will just fly by when I look at my list of to-do’s that I need to accomplish before the wedding.  On the other hand, 31 days seems like a really long ways away knowing that Grandpa’s cancer is back, because I’ve seen how fast cancer can move!

Phil & Me!

So, this Wedding Wednesday, I have a request of all of you who are reading this:  Please pray for Grandpa!  Pray for another miracle, that God will keep him healthy for the next month.  Pray that Gramps will be here on this earth on August 4th and that he’ll be feeling well and will be able to enjoy such a sweet day in our family’s lives.  And tell everyone you know to pray!  This Wedding Wednesday, I’m calling on all prayer warriors!  Because Phil & I…and Gramps himself would love nothing more than to all be together on our special day.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Grandpa

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Thanks, Celeste! I would love to have the same great memories as you shared with your grandfather.

  1. Andrea Dauro

    Bri..I can’t wait to meet ALL of your family, including your Grandpa. God bless you all . Looking forward to the wedding.
    Do you need me to make any crafts? I am a craft queen!
    (Phil’s Auntie Bubbie (A.K.A Andrea Dauro) 🙂

  2. fromheelstoboots Post author

    Aunt Bubbie, we’re so excited to meet all of YOU!!!
    And we would absolutely love it if you could help with crafts! We’ll probably be working on some last minute crafts the day before the wedding, since you’ll be here…we’d l.o.v.e. your help!!!

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