Dairy Month: Grilled Pizza

Did you know that June is Dairy Month?  Although my family’s calf ranch is not a dairy farm, our calf ranch is interwoven with the dairy industry quite firmly.  We raise the calves for dairymen.  Think of us as glorified babysitters.  But that’s another story.  So not only is my occupation somewhat involved with the dairy industry, I also happen to be a dairy product enthusiast.  Based on that information, you could probably assume that I am pretty excited that it is dairy month right now…to which I will respond, “That’s a safe assumption, friends.”

As with beef month, I’ll be blogging about some fun dairy facts as well as recipes that involve dairy products.  I’m excited to share this first dinner idea with you as it was a total experiment, but it turned out quite tasty!

Lately I’ve been seeing this trend of grilling pizza.  When I first came across the concept, I thought it was a bit strange.  Growing up we had only ever baked pizza in the oven or received it from the pizza place!  The more that grilled pizza kept coming across cookbooks and recipes websites though, the more I started to think, “That’s actually kind of a cool idea.”  So I went on a bit of a whim and registered for some mini pizza stones from Sur La Table.  These pizza stones are safe for the grill and we just happened to receive them from one of Phil’s family friends at our shower this last weekend.  I could hardly contain my excitement to try to grill a pizza, so we pulled those pizza stones out of the box and tried our hand at all that is grilled pizza.  If you’re wondering about pizza stones, these are the ones we used: Pizza Stones

Phil tossing one of the pizzas. He has Italian running through his blood, you know…

The beauty of pizza is that you can make it however you want.  You can use white dough or wheat dough.  Put whatever sauce your heart desires and pile on as many, or as few toppings as you’d like.  It’s fantastic.  For our pizza we used the following ingredients:

  • White pre-made dough bought at the local supermarket
  • Marinara sauce
  • Pepperoni
  • Basil
  • Mushrooms
  • Fresh chopped pineapple (as per Phil’s request)
  • Cheese (LOTS of cheese) – Italian 6 Cheese Blend and Mozzarella


Now, we came up with the grilled pizza idea a bit last-minute, so I didn’t have time to make my own dough.  I guess you could say that I cheated.  I’m at peace with that fact though.

We also heard rumors that the less toppings on grilled pizza, the better.  However, our toppings seemed to all get cooked just fine on the grill, so I’m not sure whether I should believe those rumors or not!

How you grill the pizza is pretty simple.  Ready?

  1. Roll out the dough.  This is probably the most complicated part.  I have a new appreciation for people who can toss/roll out perfectly round pizzas!  Make sure you have some flour on hand to keep the dough from sticking to your hands and the pan.
  2. Flour the pizza stones on the grill, then place the pizza on the stones.  Cook it for about 5 minutes, or until the side on the stones is a light golden/brown.  The time you grill it for depends on how thick your pizza is.  Our first pizza was thicker, so it took about 10 minutes to grill.  Our second pizza was thinner, so it took closer to 5 minutes.
  3. Once the first side is cooked, remove from the grill & flip over so that the uncooked side is facing down.
  4. Place your sauce & toppings on the grilled side of the pizza. Do not drown your crust with sauce as the crust will become soggy.
  5. Place the pizza back on the grill and cook for another 5-10 minutes.  Again, the length of time on the grill depends on the thickness of your crust.
  6. Once your cheese is nice & melted, remove from the grill.  Cut into slices & serve.

As you’re enjoying your delicious pizza & thinking about how sad your pizza would be without all of that delicious cheese, remember that dairy farmers & their families across the country are working hard to produce the milk for that delicious cheese.  Thank a cow.  Thank a farmer. 

Happy Dairy Month, Y’all!


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