Wedding Wednesday: Shower Time

This past weekend I had my first shower.  My future mother-in-law and sister-in-law threw it for me.  It was so beautiful!  They did a “picnic” theme, as it was on a picnic that Phil asked me to marry him.  We had delicious tea in canning jars (I love canning jars!) and the picnic theme was accented in light turquoise.  It was perfect.

I enjoyed my time meeting the ladies that have watched “Philly” grow up through the years.  That was one thing that I noticed, they clearly have all known him since he was little because there was not one person who did not refer to my 25-year-old fiance as “Philly.”  I felt very showered with love by the fact that these women who had no idea who I was, took time out of their Saturday’s to meet me.  Not only that, but we definitely received some awesome gifts off of our registries as well!

This week continues to keep me busy with wedding plans as our invitation send-out deadline is next week Friday.  Yes, I’m kind of freaking out right now, thank you for asking.  Ahhhhh!  🙂  I’ll get back to work on those invites & leave behind a few pics from the shower for you to check out.

Ciao bellas.

From Left to Right: Phil’s momma, my ma, me & my grandma

Some bridesmaids & guest book gals….they also happen to be family 🙂

Socializing during the shower


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