Agriculture Meet Fashion, Fashion Meet Agriculture

Every year, Grimmius Cattle (my family’s calf ranch, which I happen to work at) designs hats to give to our dairymen as a token of our appreciation for doing business with us.

This year, I happen to be here.  And I just happen to be a hat-wearing girl who appreciates some style.  So, I suggested to my uncle that we make a hat for the wives of the dairymen.  Of course that means that these need to be some super styling hats for the ladies!  I picked out the hat style, but I’m running a bit stuck on what we should do as far as the design of the hat.  So here’s the challenge that I need your help with, are you ready?  Good!

I’m looking for help with design ideas for the hat!  The font will remain, as is, but the rest is open.  Would you put rhinestones on the bill of the hat?  Would you put a flower, or a design around “Grimmius Cattle?”  Would you put a design of some sort through the wording of “Grimmius Cattle?”  We’re open to whatever!  The winner of the design contest will receive a Grimmius Cattle hat. And don’t worry, if you’re a male with ideas, we’ve got some pretty sweet men’s hats.  You won’t be stuck with a girly hat!  🙂

You may write out, or draw your ideas.  Suggestions can be posted as comments to this blog post, messaged to the Grimmius Cattle Facebook account, or emailed to me at  The deadline to post your ideas is Sunday, June 10th at 9:00 pm PST.

Let the hat be your canvas!   Good luck!  I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

I love the distressed look of the hat, but the hat definitely needs help. Help us come up with a cool design for this women’s hat and you’ll receive the finished product for free!



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