A Bike Ride with Cows

Phil currently lives with one of my guy friends from high school in a house on a dairy farm.  Last night, we decided to go on a little bike ride around the dairy.  Let’s get one thing straight:  I love bike rides.  I also love cows.  I love Phil, too.  So by now I’m sure you’re realizing that bike rides with Phil surrounded by cows = great joy in my life!

Phil & I both work at the calf ranch and we’re surrounded by baby calves all day, almost everyday.  We hardly have any calves here that are over 400 pounds so we’re very used to seeing cute babies all of the time, but as we were riding around the dairy Phil mentioned how ugly he thought big mama cows are compared to sweet baby ones.  Which made me laugh because I had been thinking the exact same thing.  It was kind of like my Dixie girl.  Dixie was the cutest puppy E.V.E.R.  But then she grew up and her nose got longer and her body got bigger, and although I still love her, she just isn’t as cute as when she was a baby.  Same thing, right?  Right.

Another funny thing about Holstein cows is that they are very curious.  As Phil & I were riding past the open-lots, the cows were just running toward us, along side of us, as close as they could get to us.  Of course we were separated from them by fence posts, so they couldn’t get very far, but they went as far as they could.  And once they reached their boundary, they all just gathered in the corner of the corral and watched us ride away.  Have you ever been chased by cows?  It was a sight to see, that’s for sure!

I loved my bike ride last night.  Maybe as you’re reading this, you’re thinking to yourself,”That doesn’t sound like much fun to me.” BUT riding a bike, surrounded by cows, with a dog running along side of us, breathing in the dairy smell with the cool summer breeze blowing through our hair….that’s home to me.  So, if you ever have the opportunity to go on a bike ride with cows, I strongly suggest that you take advantage of that chance.  Carpe diem, y’all.

Maybe you noticed the bold lettered words in this post.  If you’re wondering what those words mean, you can find their definitions in the Cow Concordance section of my blog!


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