Meet Remi

As many of you know, I love dogs.  I quite literally love almost any and every dog that walks in front of me.  Big dogs, small dogs, pretty dogs, ugly dogs…you name it, if it’s a dog, I probably love it.  Another piece of information that many of you probably do not already know is that back in the day, before Phil & I dated…or even thought of dating or getting married or anything crazy like that, Phil had a dog.  The dog’s name is Mickey and he’s a sweet, precious black lab.  And truth be told, I loved Mickey before I loved Phil.  Not that that comes as a surprise, seeing as I just love dogs.

No worries though, I fell in love with Phil & I love him way more than I love Mickey.

Fast forward to Tuesday (yes, 2 days ago, Tuesday.)  Phil & I were planning on going to Target to work on our wedding registry there.  He had been traveling to some dairies, and the plan was (in my mind, at least) to meet at Target.  When I called him to touch base with him, he asked if we could meet at his house first because he needed to drop something off.  Thinking nothing of it, I met him at his house.  Although I wasn’t sure what he possibly needed to drop off from work before we went to Target…we do work together after all!

I arrived at Phil’s house & he was sitting outside on the bed of his truck.  We talked for a few minutes & then I asked if he was ready to go to Target.  To which he replied, “Yeah, let’s go.  But uh…I want to show you something first.”

We walked into the backyard, all the while Phil had a huge smile on his face.  And then I saw her…the sweetest German Shepherd pup you ever did see!

She’s the newest member of the Belko clan and I’m happy to introduce you all to…Remi!  Remi met her new sister, Dixie (my puppy girl), yesterday and Dixie struggled with some jealousy issues.  We’ll work on those though!  All of that to say, we love our new pup, Remi!



One thought on “Meet Remi

  1. WestEastern

    OH, my goodness! Lucky you – she is precious. Enjoy her and please, for the love of God, post more pictures of that pudgy little thing! Life is nothing without dogs… we’ve got our own pack of working Border Collies and I couldn’t live a day without them.


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