Wedding Wednesday: Gift Registry

Last week Friday, my future mother-in-law texted me and asked where Phil & I were registered at because she needed to put that information on a shower invitation.  I read her text message and realized that we really hadn’t registered anywhere yet!  At which point, I texted Phil and said, “We need to go register for stuff on Sunday!!!”  So, register, we did.

On Sunday we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I was having slight anxiety before we got there because my cousin (and one of my bridesmaids), Michele, told me that the people at Bed, Bath & Beyond followed them around while they registered.  Well, I strongly dislike when sales associates are overly helpful.  For example:  following people around as they register.  Or shop.  Or browse.  Whatever, just don’t follow me!  I have a hard time making decisions that way.  Anyway, I expressed my anxiety to Phil on the way to the store and he sweetly calmed me down and told me he would ask them not to follow us if they tried, and that I had no need to be anxious about it.

Thankfully, the helpful Bed, Bath & Beyond employee was the perfect amount of helpful.  He got us set up with the scanner and showed us a good pots & pans set to register for, and then he told us to let him know if we had questions and let us venture off on our own!  Sweet freedom.

I’ve also been registering online at a store called Sur La Table.  They have stores, but the one nearest me is 45 minutes away.  Which isn’t far, but…online shopping is my new favorite thing.  Since registering is similar to shopping…I went online.  Sur La Table is the only store that has the dinnerware and silverware that I like.  I’m so pumped about the dinnerware.  It’s called the “Pearl Collection.”  If you need to register for dishes, check those out!  I won’t even care that you copied me.  😉  They also have some fancy cooking apparatuses, as well as some fun cow oven mitts.  (And you know that I registered for the cow oven mitts!)

For the last place, I was deciding between Macy’s & Target.  Initially I went with Macy’s, but after browsing for nearly an hour, I had only registered for 4 things.  At which point, God opened my eyes to the light:  Target.  I don’t know why I didn’t choose Target before.  Target’s like…my favorite store.  They have everything.  Everything, I tell you.  Phil & I registered for a few more items there.  Phil loved Target’s scanner gun and the camping section.  Nothing more manly than guns & the outdoors, right?  My fiance is a manly man.  Holla!

Registering has been a lot of fun.  It’s a blast getting to pick things out with Phil & knowing that they are going to be things that we use to build our life together.  And that’s what marriage is all about:  two people joining together!  Our biggest issue with registering is that the “suggested” number of items that we register for for the size of our guest list is 800 items.  So far we’ve registered for just over 300 items.  And I feel like we’ve already registered for everything!  So here’s where you guys can help me, if you’ve registered before:  Is there anything you didn’t register for that you wished you had?  What gift off of your registry do you use all of the time?  Any other registry advice?  



6 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Gift Registry

  1. Julie Bakker

    Get more towels than you think you’ll ever need….They start to stink after awhile and it’s really nice to not have to buy them! 🙂 I would also register for 2 sets of sheets for each bed. You can just do a quick turn around on the “change sheets day.” There’s nothing worse than wanting to go to bed and realizing your sheets are still in the washer and need to be dried!!! Sur La Table is my favorite store, and I love those dishes you chose!!! I have their enamel ware dutch ovens (Think Le Crueset but much cheaper), and they are awesome. The OXO brand is great too, and they sell that at BB and B as well as Target. So fun! All that new stuff….it will never happen again in your life, so enjoy it!!! 🙂

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Thanks, Julie! I’m going to have to check out the Sur La Table dutch ovens. And, registering for extra towels and sheets is a great idea! I definitely should register for more towels, I think. I figured with just the two of us, we wouldn’t need a TON, but towels DO get a bit stinky after a while. :-/

  2. Crystal Cattle

    I am going to have to check out your dishes. Make sure you register for some large ticket items. All the items on our blog $100 plus were purchases for us first. Many families, or young friends all pitched in together to get us many of those items. Plus, if you register for it you’ll get it. I could not believe how generous people were. I registered at Pottery Barn and it was my favorite. Also, make sure you keep checking back. Sometimes things get discounted or you’ll notice you are running out of items to choose from.

    My favorite things that we got – a Kitchen Aid, new luggage set, our Pottery Barn bedding, a semen tank (yes you read right) and a mini pie maker.

    Have a great time!

  3. fromheelstoboots Post author

    Thanks, Crystal! That’s good to know. Sometimes Phil & I look at the large ticket items and are unsure if we should register for those or not.

    I registered for a Kitchen Aid, and I KNOW that I’ll love it if we get one! Too funny that you guys got a semen tank…that’s awesome.

    I might need to pick your brain a bit more on wedding stuff, since it was so recent for you and Jon. Thanks for your advice!


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