Happy Birthday, Grandpa!


Tricia, my “foster” aunt, took this picture of my grandparents at brunch yesterday. I love it!

Many of you know that my Grandpa was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia 6 months ago.  The diagnosis he received was not good at all, and he was receiving chemo treatments at Stanford from the Tuesday before Thanksgiving day until Christmas Eve.  Once he came home, his hospice nurse didn’t think that he would live more than 2 months.  Guess what…Grandpa’s still with us!  Ever since Phil & I have gotten engaged (before we got engaged even!) we’ve been praying that Grandpa’s health continues to be stable until our wedding in August.  I’m so thankful that Grandpa continues to look  a little bit better every day, and although we never know what tomorrow will bring…whether Grandpa will be able to be with us at our wedding or not, my entire family is praising the Lord for the fact that we get to hang out with Gramps a bit longer on this earth!

With all of that background information said, it’s Grandpa’s birthday today!  My family has been having a whole lot of fun celebrating Grandpa’s birthday the past few days.  I mean, birthdays are fun, but this birthday is extra fun and requires extra celebration because just a couple of months ago, we never thought that we’d get to celebrate Grandpa’s 69th birthday with him!  We had a birthday dinner celebration at Tahoe Joe’s on Friday night, we had brunch in the Sequoia’s next to some roarin’ rapids yesterday and today we had a birthday celebration at the office here at the calf ranch!  All sorts of fun stuff 🙂

I’m blessed to have the family that I have, and we’re blessed to get to have Grandpa as our “Grandpa” and our “Dad.”  89 days until the wedding…we’re still praying hard that Grandpa can be present on that day!  Love you, Grandpa!

My cousin, brother and aunt during Grandpa’s birthday brunch yesterday

Me & Phil…and my cousin…celebrating Grandpa’s birthday



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