Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Pics

If any of you sent up some arrow prayers for a “no rain engagement photo shoot” last week after reading my blog post, I am excited to tell you that the Lord heard our prayers!  While I sat at my desk in the ranch office last Wednesday, I watched the sky as it transitioned from sunny, to a bit less sunny, to clouds rolling in, to raindrops as I drove home to get ready for pictures.  Additionally, as I was driving home to get ready for pictures, I got a text message from Raquel (our lovely, awesome photographer) that said, “It’s raining!”  I then began praying really, really hard and told Raquel to do the same!

The skies ended up closing up for the entire duration of our photo shoot, with the exception of a couple minutes of sprinkling at our last location.  The weather was perfect.  It was overcast (I’ve been told that makes for great photos) and it was warm, but had a nice little breeze blowing to keep us cool.

We had a lot of fun.  Raquel had all sorts of cool locations ranging from open fields to old barns to a pretty train station…and that’s just to name a few fun places we took pictures at.  I’ll admit, I was kind of nervous before taking pictures.  Just the thought of having to pose in front of someone else’s camera made me nervous for some reason.  But the whole engagement session flew by and Raquel made it fun and comfortable the whole time.  Raquel likes taking serious model-esque pictures, but between her and Phil, I was having a hard time keeping a straight face for those serious pics…so there’s a few pictures where I’m laughing, and it’s probably because one of those two were making me laugh!

Basically, Raquel is so awesome and I’m inserting a shameless plug that she has no clue I’m about to include:  If you live in California and need a wedding photographer, use Raquel!  She does weddings in Washington state, too.  (I think…hopefully that’s right!)  Anyway, I could sing her praises all day.  Enough with the talk though, I think it’s time for a little glimpse at some engagement pictures!

We had a cow friend during these pictures...we didn't even realize that she had followed us into this pasture!

This is one of my favorite pictures! I wanted a picture with cattle so bad & this was perfect!

"It's the real thing." Need I say more?

I just love our engagement pictures!  I think Raquel did such a beautiful job and I’m so excited that we get to have her with us on our wedding day.  After we finished with engagement pictures, Phil said to me, “That was really fun.  I like her.”  (Sorry if I slightly misquoted you, Phil)  It was something like that though.  Raquel is a winner in our book!  To see more of our engagement pictures, check out Raquel Leal Photography’s Facebook page 🙂

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!


6 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Pics

  1. Mary-Anne D.

    Briana, you guys are such a beautiful couple. You even make the cows in the background look stunning. Love you!!! 🙂

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