Wedding Wednesday: The Question of the Century

Ok, maybe it’s not the question of the century, but it’s the question of the next 4 months of my life.  Any female who has been engaged before will know what I’m talking about when I say that the only question I feel like I ever get asked anymore is, “How’s wedding planning going?”  I understand that’s how it goes.  I’m totally guilty of asking that question to brides-to-be because I’m genuinely interested in hearing about how wedding planning is going for them.

There’s always different questions for different phases of life though.  See if any of these sound familiar:

  • Senior year of high school:  “Do you know where you’re going to college next year?”
  • College:  “How’s college going?”  “What’re you majoring in?”
  • Almost-done-with-college:  “Any thoughts on what you might want to do when you finish college?”
  • Not Married, or Engaged:  “Any love interests in the picture for you right now?”
  • Engaged:  “How are wedding plans coming?”  “Do you know where you guys are going to live?”
  • Married:  “So, when are you having kids?”

I’m sure, most of you reading this blog have been asked one of those questions at least once in your lifetime, am I right?!  Anyway…

I wonder though, if other brides-to-be feel the same way that I do when I get asked that question.  I don’t mind getting asked that question, but I feel like my answer is a bit of a let down to those asking me.  I’ll tell you my answer, in case you’re wondering:  I usually say, “It’s going good, but I feel like I’m not getting very much done.  But it’s good.”  Because it is going good, but my personality likes to plan something and just have it done.  That’s an impossible way to put together a wedding because there are so many details that you can’t possibly put together in a matter of a day.  You could if you were having like, 50 people to your wedding, but we’re inviting 350.  Therefore, my planning style is not possible.

I also don’t think planning a wedding is as fun as I thought it would be.  Most girls, like myself, just yearn for the day when they get to plan their wedding.  It’s not that fun though.  And I feel like I don’t have time to plan a wedding.  Frankly, I wish someone would do it for me, but not really because I don’t trust anyone else to try to nail the “look” that I’m going for.  So, I will continue to plow on and plan this wedding.  It will be fun & beautiful, I’m not worried about that.  I have wonderful people helping me put things together, but I will not be sad when the wedding is over.  Because realistically, all I want is to be married to Phil and quit worrying about where to order chairs and linens from!  🙂

On another wedding note, if the rain stays away today, Phil & I have engagement pictures this afternoon with Raquel Leal Photography  I’m pretty pumped!  Raquel is the sweetest and does some great work.  Be sure to check out her website or her Facebook page.  Ciao bellas!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: The Question of the Century

  1. Kelly M. Rivard (@KMRivard)

    I empathize with this, in a few ways. Well, for starters, I live vicariously through my friends who are engaged. I love weddings and the planning process but obviously I can’t plan my own. The groom will have too much influence on it for me to be the girl with her entire wedding planned before she knows her husband.

    When my ex-boyfriend of six years and I were still together, it was, “When are you going to get engaged?” or “What will you guys do after college?” (My degree doesn’t offer a lot of career opportunity near the farm he is set to inherit.) After we broke up, I got a break from the “stage of life” questions, but now as graduation approaches, there’s more.

    “What are you doing after college?” “Is there a man in the picture?” All of my married/engaged/dating friends like to try and marry me off to their single male friends, because apparently when you’re the only single one left that means you need help finding the love of your life. Hm.

    I love this post, though. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope the planning is going well, and I feel like we haven’t talked in forever. Take care!

  2. Jessica McLavey

    “I have wonderful people helping me put things together, but I will not be sad when the wedding is over. Because realistically, all I want is to be married to Phil and quit worrying about where to order chairs and linens from! ”

    … and that’s how it should be! What a wonderful perspective, it’s nice to see girls who put that over-hyped bridezilla stereotype to rest. A woman getting married should care more about the years after the ceremony than the hours when the reception should take place.

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