Today Phil & I decided to have lunch together….which is pretty easy to accomplish considering that we both work at my uncle’s calf ranch.  What isn’t so easy to accomplish is having lunch alone.  Our office is always bustling with people so today I suggested to Phil that we drive to the back of the ranch and have a picnic on his tailgate.

We actually ended up driving to a field right next to the calf ranch.  We parked in between a field of wheat and a field of alfalfa, put down the tailgate, spread out a blanket and chowed down on some lunch.  And as we ate, one word came to my mind.  One word came to my mind as the big blue sky stretched overhead and the wind ruffled through the fields and breezed past my face.  One word came to my mind as I sat side-by-side with the love of my life surrounded by green fields that farmer’s love, sweat and tears have been poured into.  One word came to my mind in that moment: blessed.

Wheat on the left, alfalfa on the right.

I am so incredibly blessed with the job that I have, working with my family and Phil.  I am blessed to have the ability to live in the middle of one of the biggest agricultural centers of the world.  I’m blessed by the farmers who work hard to produce food for me to eat during my lunch break.  I’m blessed beyond belief by my Father in Heaven.  And in the midst of this crazy, busy time of work, wedding plans and big life changes, there is hardly anything better than sitting in the quiet of the country, next to my love, and realizing how blessed I truly am.  Amen!



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