Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Fashion

(There will be more fashion installments in the Wedding Wednesday series.  Today we’re talking bridesmaid dresses!)

No one told me that the hardest part about getting married was dressing the bridal party!  I love clothes…I love shoes and accessories…I love dressing people, and I love dressing myself.  I wish there was a usage for personal shoppers in Visalia because I would totally volunteer to do that.  Anyway, I feel as though I’ve gotten a mild dose of what it would feel like to be a personal shopper over the last few weeks as I’ve been on the lookout for possible clothes and shoes for the bridal party.  Let’s just say that it’s not an easy task!

Initially when I started planning this wedding, I thought that I wanted all of the bridesmaids to be in different, yet complimentary dresses.  However, once I started researching bridesmaids’ dresses, I realized how difficult it was to find one dress, let alone seven dresses that would blend well together.  So, I nixed that idea and continued my search for one perfect dress for the bridesmaids.

I know that many brides say this, but I really, really wanted a dress that my bridesmaids would feel like they could wear again after the wedding.  I also wanted a dress that wouldn’t break the bank.  My other issue that I was facing is that the trend lately is short short dresses and I have some pretty tall bridesmaids.  Pair together mini dresses and long legs….let’s just say that I didn’t want my bridesmaids distracting the groomsmen or any other people in attendance at the wedding!  So, in a nutshell, I was looking for the following in a bridesmaid dress:

  1. Style – it needed to feel “vintage glam”ish, right?  Right.
  2. Price – I was really aiming for the $100 range, but the reality is that the average price of bridesmaid dresses are about $130-150.  The ones I ultimately ended up picking were about $170, but they ended up going on sale and all of the bridesmaids were able to get their dresses for about $100.  Bonus!
  3. Length – I wanted knee length.  I figured knee length would be safe.
  4. Color – I wanted something champagne-ish…or metallic-ish.  Something glam.
  5. Wearability – I don’t know if that’s even a word, but anyway, I didn’t want the typical “bridesmaid” dress.  I wanted something kind of fun that everyone would feel pretty in.

Those were my “Top 5” requirements for a bridesmaid dress.  It took a lot of online shopping (online shopping is kind of my new thing right now), but I finally found the dress.  I texted a picture of it to some trusted relatives and bridesmaids to find out what they thought of my find…..they all LOVED it.  Like, literally, their responses were, “I LOVE it!!!”  So, I figured that it was a safe bet.  It met all 5 of my expectations and from the responses that I’ve gotten from my girls so far…it sounds like they’d be willing to wear the dresses again somewhere!  My cousin even wants to wear it for prom  (Sorry, Ash!).

So, that’s the scoop on the bridesmaids’ dresses!  Next, we’ll have to talk bridesmaid shoes!

A sneak peek at the bridesmaid dress next to (gasp!) my dress. I figure it's safe to show you guys because pictures don't even do justice to how pretty these dresses are. That, and, I'm not really the type of bride who cares if people see her dress or not! Sometimes that's a big deal for brides....which is understandable too.


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