I read an editorial piece on the threat of agroterrorism the other day and to put it frankly, I felt quite frightened after I read it.  Agroterrorism is a real threat to our present-day society.  Think Suzanne Collins’, The Hunger Games, in real life America.  Granted, our children wouldn’t be thrown into an arena to kill each other, but if agroterrorism hit America, you can bet that your children would be in danger.

In real life it wouldn’t be tracker jackers getting your kids, but it would be deadly diseases placed in our food.  Anyone who is human realizes that food is vital to the survival of a race.  Anyone who is a terrorist takes that realization and turns it into a threat to the food supply of someone that they want to see knocked down.

America’s food supply is a target and it’s something that we should be concerned with.  According to an FBI report that was released in February of this year, “Terrorists…have noticed that its [America’s agriculture and food production] is among the most vulnerable and least protected of all potential targets of attack.”  You see, we may take it for granted, but Americans only spend 11% of their income.  Compare that 11% to the rest of the world’s average 20-30% and you’ll realize how good we have it over here (thank you, farmers!).

When you hear the word, “terrorist” you might immediately bring up an association in your mind with a group such as al Qaeda.  That’s a correct association, but there are also other groups of agroterrorists that you may not immediately think of.  There’s 4 different categories of agroterrorist groups and I’ll run through them briefly as I understand them.

  1.  The most commonly assumed groups such as al Queda.  This type of group is the most probable to bring extreme economic harm upon the United States.
  2. The second are groups of people who try to manipulate markets for personal economic gain.
  3. Third are people try to plan an attack to wreak havoc on the federal government.
  4. Fourth are animal rights or environmental groups who try to hurt the food system because they consider the use of animals for food immoral.

Recently, you may have heard of the attacks on Harris Ranch in California.  Their semi-trucks and trailers were set on fire by an animal rights group called the “Animal Liberation Front.”  The fire caused over 2 million dollars-worth of damage to Harris Ranch property and the fire could have caused someone to lose his life as there are cabins in the trucks for people to sleep in.  Although those fires may have seemed like a simple act of violence, they were actually a form of agroterrorism and the situation should not be taken lightly.  Agroterrorism is very real and according to FBI reports, our food supply is something that needs significant protection so that we may protect ourselves from the possibility of future attacks.

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