Big Changes

This past weekend I tasted my first bite of one of the portions that comes with the meal called “marriage.”  (You’re right…we’re not married yet, but we’re close!)  The “portion” that I found myself enjoying this past weekend was the whole part of marriage that involves sharing families on holidays.  I’ve talked to many people who have said that that is one of the least fun parts of marriage.  Figuring out which family to be with on which holiday is never fun, but it is something that must be dealt with when a man & woman from two different families become one.

Phil & I headed about 4 hours south of my hometown on Thursday evening to spend Easter weekend with his family.  Before we left on Thursday, I found myself having an emotional breakdown.  I just started bawling on the way home from the calf ranch and when I got home I ran to my mom’s arms and sobbed for a while, explaining to her that I didn’t really know why I was crying, but I thought that it might be because I didn’t really want to go down south and I was having anxiety about being away from my family for Easter, etc, etc…  Basically my emo-ness was caused by the realization that Easter weekend of 2012 was the beginning of my “new” life, so to speak.  And it kind of freaked me out!

I managed to pull myself together though and after a bit of praying that God would give me a positive attitude about the weekend, I ended up having a wonderful time!  I really love Phil’s family….they are awesome.  I’ve been blessed with a sweet, loving fiance AND a sweet, loving second family.  I just was being a little crab (that’s short for “crabby,” in case you were wondering) at the beginning of the weekend.

Highlights of the weekend included (but are not limited to):

  • Spending a day at Huntington Beach
  • Having a night where we could reflect on the fact that Jesus died on the cross on my behalf (and yours) so that our sins could be cleared so that we can have the hope of life eternal in Heaven someday
  • Meeting some super sweet girls at a brunch
  • Laying out by the pool and getting a t.a.n.  TAN!
  • Making sheep cake pops
  • Meeting lots of new family members on Phil’s side (and I got to meet my sister-in-law’s fam, too!)
  • Celebrating that Christ is risen!

So even though I started the weekend out by crying and feeling sad, I left the weekend with the feeling of joy and excitement at the future that my new life with Phil holds.  Now, not only do I have my awesome family with fun traditions, I’m gaining another great family with MORE fun traditions!  I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.  🙂

My future mother-in-law & I with the sheep cake pop creations! (Yes, there is a black sheep cake pop. Your eyes are not deceiving you.)

A beautiful day spent at Huntington Beach

Phil & I on Easter in our Sunday Best!



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