Josh Turner’s “Time Is Love”

Has anybody heard Josh Turner’s newest song on the radio called, “Time Is Love?”  Well, it’s my newest obsession.  I feel that I have a special…connection with the song.  Perhaps those who were with me in at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville for the Cattle Industry Convention this past February feel the same way as I do about this song.

First of all, I love Josh Turner.  He’s just the cutest thing ever.  Secondly, this song is so sweet.  Thirdly, I got to see Josh Turner perform this song during CIC at the Grand Ole Opry.  Fourthly, whenever I hear this song on the radio, all I can think about the adorable intro that Josh gave before he sang the song.  Basically, I think that the previously mentioned factors all contribute to the reason why I love this song so much.  So, go to the Grimmius Cattle Facebook page, listen to Josh’s intro yourself…and then go listen to “Time Is Love.”  You might just love the song as much as I do.

(By the way…I’m kicking myself for not videoing Josh singing this song at all!)

(One more by the way, if you can’t understand him on the video, at the end he says, “And also, tell them that I had beef for supper.”  It’s hard to hear sometimes because all of us beef people just start going CRAZY when he says that.  :))

Josh just singin' his heart out!
Check out the video of Josh introducing his newest song, "Time Is Love" at


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