No Such Thing As A Vegan?

Today I came across this illustration on  I know how much we rely on cattle for food, but I didn’t realize just how many products are made from cattle.  I love coming across information like this because it just goes to show how vital agriculture is in our day-to-day lives.  Thank a farmer, people!  🙂

As soon as I read through this list, I agreed with the statement at the bottom of the picture: there is no such thing as a vegan.  I don’t see how there could be!  If you do claim a vegan lifestyle, do you just take all of these things out of your life?  How does that work?  I’d love to hear from you if you can honestly tell me that you don’t use these items listed below. Take a minute, look at the items on the lists and decide for yourself:  is there such a thing as a true “vegan?” 

Products Made From Cattle


7 thoughts on “No Such Thing As A Vegan?

  1. tbjohns10

    I think this diagram is missing the point of being vegan. Most vegans intend to live without making use animal products, and that can be achieved almost entirely with choices regarding food and clothing. In my case at least, I definitely consume a lot more cheese than, say, anti-aging cream.

    Most vegans I know would not let the perfect be the enemy of the very good and would be able to live with an occasional item made from a small amount of animal product. To me, that does not make them any less vegan. Also, keep in mind that most of these products exist in animal-free forms, which given the choice, I am sure any vegan would choose.

    1. myveganthing

      This also being the year 2012 all of those things listed can be make without harming an animal. I do agree that most vegans probably do use something that was made from an animal. But it would be because they are unaware that it contains animal products. I am sure when they find out they will switch it for something else.

      1. fromheelstoboots Post author

        Agreed – I’m sure that’s the case for most vegans using byproducts from animals, as far as not knowing that something was made from an animal. As mentioned to TBJOHNS10, my main point for this post was to make note of how many items used on a daily basis are brought to us thanks to animals. Not even animals, but other aspects of agriculture. For example: Did you know that corn is an ingredient in fireworks, makeup AND glue? I never would’ve guessed until I learned that fact!
        Thanks for giving your point of view – I love hearing from different people!

    2. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Thank you for sharing your input! I love meat & and I think that God placed animals on this earth and in our care for our use, but that does not mean that we can disrespect those animals in our care. All that being said, that’s my point of view, and I’m completely open to others having different points of view. Such as, veganism or vegetarianism, for example. I love hearing from people with different points of view, so I’m glad you shared your thoughts with me.

      That being said, my main point for this post was to show people how often we use byproducts from livestock…especially in things that we’d never imagine, like anti-aging cream! 🙂


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