Career Day at Farmersville HS

Last Friday, we went to Farmersville High School for Career Day.

Phil & I with our sweet calf friend post-career day

Phil loaded up the trailer with 2 calves: 1 heifer that was three days old, and 1 bull that was about 120 days old.  Then, we headed east to the small town of Farmersville.  We had some connections to the school as my dad just happens to be the principal there.  It was my 2nd year representing Grimmius Cattle at Career Day and Phil’s 1st year.

We began each session by telling the students who we were, what our jobs were specifically at the calf ranch & what a calf ranch does.  We allowed some time for questions, and once questions were over we moved on to a game.  The game was in Jeopardy-type format, but it wasn’t Jeopardy in true form.  There were 5 categories that the students could choose from.  Once a category was chosen, I would read a trivia question related to agriculture.  The students could then discuss the answer as a team, and then would send one representative to run up to the front & touch a calf bottle in order to answer the question.

My purpose behind playing this game was two-fold.  My first reason was that I think learning is achieved when people are engaged.  In school, my eyes would glaze over if I was lectured at for too long by boring teachers.  I learned much better when I was doing stuff.  It’s been proven scientifically that students learn better when they say stuff aloud, or when they are physically participating in a learning activity.  Well, we only had 35 minutes to get to doing some learning stuff…so I figured a game was the best way!  My second reason was to give students an idea of how vital agriculture is to our everyday lives.  The 5 categories were:

1)  The Hunger Games:  Questions involving meat.  Cuts of meat, which meats come from which animals, etc.

2)  California Dreamin’:  Questions about California agriculture such as “What is the number 2 commodity in California?”  Answer:  Grapes

3)  Get Money, Get Paid:  Questions involving the jobs related to agriculture.  I wanted students to realize that agriculture does not include only farmers & workers, but it also utilizes engineers, mechanics, veterinarians, nutritionists, salesmen and SO MANY MORE jobs that people might not ever connect to agriculture.

4)  Celebrate Good Times, Come On!:  Questions about agriculture and big days/holidays in America.  An example of a question:  What day are avocados most sold on in America?  A)  Cinco de Mayo  B)  Super Bowl Sunday  C)  St Patrick’s Day  Answer:  Super Bowl Sunday

5)  For:  You  From:  Agriculture:  This category enveloped products that we use in everyday life and would probably never associate them as being products of agriculture.  One of the questions was, which of the following is corn used in?  A)  Fireworks  B)  Makeup  C)  Glue    Answer:  All of the above

The winning team got to pick prizes from our “treasure chests.”  Following our Ag Trivia Game, we allowed students to pet the baby heifer and ask more questions.  To end our session we had a milk chugging contest, which was Phil’s genius idea.  It was pretty awesome.

One of the brave groups of milk chuggers. To see a video of the milk chug contest, check out our Facebook page!

All in all, it was a fun day hanging out with the students of Farmersville High School.  Be sure to check out more pictures on our Facebook page, and a video of one of the milk chug contests!


2 thoughts on “Career Day at Farmersville HS

  1. thegirlandthegoats

    Great post! I stumbled on your blog and love your bio… It’s nice to hear from other strong women in agriculture who aren’t afraid of being girly as well. I am going to veterinary school right now and am thinking about pursuing large animal medicine. However I also like going out, putting on eyeliner, etc etc. Look forward to reading more of your blog… check out mine if you are interested!

  2. fromheelstoboots Post author

    Just because we’re involved in agriculture doesn’t mean we can’t be girly! I know plenty of leading ladies in ag who feel the same way – I’m glad that I can add you to the list! I’ve got your blog saved to my “favorites” on my web browser. Thank you for sharing! And thanks for reading! Life is more fun when we have friends who enjoy the same things…for us, that’d be all things ag AND all things girly 🙂


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