Steakhouse Pizza

Well, it’s been a while now, hasn’t it?  In just a moment, I’ll introduce you to my new friend, Steakhouse Pizza, created by the one, and only Pioneer Woman.

Now, I really struggle with finding new recipes.  Or maybe it isn’t necessarily an issue of finding new recipes, but more a concern of trusting new recipes.  Granted, there are a few recipes that I can look at and feel confident that they will taste good.  However, for the majority of recipes that I come across, I need to make the recipe and taste it myself in order to decide if it’s a good recipe, or a terrible one.  To be honest, I want to know that it’s a good recipe before I make it…which is exactly why I practically live on  I’ve made quite a few recipes from her cookbook & online blog and have yet to experience a meal that doesn’t appeal to my taste buds.  Last night, her Steakhouse Pizza recipe was no exception to that rule.

I chose this recipe for two reasons:  1)  It was a Monday.  I like alliteration.  Therefore, I believe in something called “Meat-filled Monday.”  In my humble opinion, beef is the alpha-meat, so if it’s gonna be a meat-filled day, there better be beef in there somewhere.  The shortened version of what I just said can be worded like this, If it is Monday, then I eat beef.  Remember those “If-Then” statements back from your days of school?  Oh yeah, you remember.  Fun times.  There can also be exceptions to “If-Then” statements which means that I don’t eat beef every.single.Monday.  It’s a happy notion though.  Anyway, moving along to reason numero dos.  2)  I wanted a recipe that didn’t involve pasta.  You see, I love pasta.  I could eat pasta like I could eat Mexican food…that’s everyday.  Although my sweet fiancé has Italian blood running through his veins and would probably not complain against pasta everyday, I like to try to a little variation in my meals.  (I would eat Mexican food or pasta every day of my life if I could though.)

There you have it: 1. Meat-filled Monday. 2. No pasta.  So when I stumbled across this Steakhouse Pizza recipe, I honestly didn’t think it sounded super delicious, but it involved beef, wasn’t pasta & came from the kitchen of The Pioneer Woman.  How could I go wrong with this recipe?!

So, with some greatly appreciated help from Phil, my master grillin’, smokin’ hot fiancé, Steakhouse Pizza was made.  I mixed up the sauce & caramelized the onions while he grilled up the steaks.  I cheated by purchasing pre-made pizza dough, but sometimes you just gotta cheat a little, you know?

Marinara sauce, Worcestershire sauce & Balsamic vinaigrette make up the sauce for this pizza

Onions caramelizing...keep your eye on these little guys! I took my eye off of them & suddenly the kitchen (magically) became really smoky. Funny how that happens...

I need to apologize because I didn’t photo document this cooking sesh very well, but be sure to check out the real recipe here: for more pictures and full details regarding ingredients and cooking instructions.

Steakhouse Pizza...a perfect meal for "Meat-filled Monday!"

Both Phil & I were a bit skeptical of steak on a pizza, but our first bites into our slices of pizza hushed all voices of doubt in our minds.  We happily ate our pizza, drank our wine & wreaked of caramelized onions once we finished our dinner.  No complaints.  Keep calm & cook on, ladies and gents.


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