Monkey Bread

The Pioneer Woman is a good woman.  I’ve tried many of her recipes, and I love that after every recipe that I try, I can continue to say, “Ree Drummond…she hasn’t failed me yet!”  Because she hasn’t.  I’m still waiting for the day to come when I taste one of her recipes and think to myself, Man, that was awful!  But it hasn’t happened yet.  And truth be told, I feel as though that day will never come.  But anyway, the other night we had “Breakfast for Dinner.”  As my contribution, I made Monkey Bread.

Now, I can remember my mom making Monkey Bread for breakfast on Sundays when I was growing up and it was quite tasty.  But then, I grew older and began discovering there was more out in this vast world.  “More” being things and people like The Pioneer Woman.  So one day, I found a “Monkey Bread” recipe on her website and decided to make that rendition instead of my mom’s classic recipe.  Well, I wasn’t disappointed!  The two recipes are basically the same, but the biggest difference is in the amount of butter that The Pioneer Woman uses.  If you’ve made one of her recipes before, you know that everything calls for butter.  Which, is one of the reasons why I think that all of her recipes are so good.  If you think about it, you really can’t go wrong with butter.  That is, until we all start keeling over due to clogged arteries.  But we’ll worry about that later.

So, let’s take a look at this delicious breakfast recipe.  It’s so good, you could probably eat it for dessert!  It’s pretty easy, so let’s get started.  First, you’ll need to preheat your oven to 350.  See?  Easy.

You’ll need 3 cans of biscuits.  Pop those bad boys open and cut each biscuit into fourths.

My hands are so pretty...I should be a hand model

Then, you’ll want to combine 1 cup of sugar in a good sized plastic bag, with 2-3 teaspoons of cinnamon.  Are you more of a sugar-person, or more of a cinnamon-person?  I’m cinnamon.  Ok, on with it.  Put those biscuits in the bag and shake it all up.

Pardon the blur. I may need a trip to the eye doctor... These are the pre-shaken biscuits preparing to be, well, shaken up a bit.

Once shaken up, you will evenly layer the coated biscuits in a bundt pan.  You may grease the pan if you so desire, but as we all know, there’s a lot of butter in Pioneer Woman recipes, so you’ll be okay if you decide against pre-greasing the pan.  It’s up to you!


Once that’s taken care of, we’ll need to make our saucy-sauce.  There’s two ways this can be done.

Way #1: We’ll call this the “gourmet way.”  It’s really not that gourmet, but I don’t know what else to call it.  Mix your 2 sticks of butter with 1/2 cup of brown sugar in a pan on the stove.  Stir it around until it’s combined into a golden color.

Way #2:  We’ll call this the “lazy way.”  I like this way the best.  You take your 2 sticks of butter and your 1/2 cup of brown sugar, put it in a microwavable dish and…microwave it.  Only takes a minute.  Stir it together once fully melted until it reaches a golden color, and then you are good to go!

When you’ve got the sauce ready, cover your little monkeys (biscuits) with the sauce.

Golden Goodness

Make sure you cover the whole dish as evenly as possible so that none of the biscuits feel naked or unloved!

Feel the Love...

By this point, your oven should be all heated up and ready to get the job done.  Put those beauties in the oven for about 30-40 minutes.  Smell your kitchen start to fill up with the scent of cinnamon-sugar deliciousness.  Teach yourself a lesson in self-control while you impatiently watch the minutes tick by.  Don’t worry, 30-40 minutes will be over soon enough.  Once you feel yourself feeling the need to give in to your desire for monkey bread, it should be ready for eating.

When you take it out of the oven, let it set for a few minutes before you flip the monkey bread over on a plate.  Now, the transferring of the monkey bread from the bundt pan to the plate is the scariest part for me, but I usually survive it.  Once flipped, it should like something like this…

All Ready for Eatin'!

I dare you to try it.  And then I double-dog dare you to tell me that you don’t like it.  I don’t think that you’ll tell me you don’t like it…I’d worry about you if you did!


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