The {Engagement} Story

I’m back at the ranch for a while after a busy past few weeks filled with Nashville for the Cattle Industry Convention and then the World Ag Expo held in Tulare last week.  Even if I am doing offsite work for the ranch, my work still piles up for me back at the ranch, which means that I have a lot of catching up to do if I’m ever away for any length of time.  But I’m back for a while and I have some big news that is totally unrelated to ranch life…(drum roll, please)

I’M ENGAGED!  I’m engaged to the most wonderful man & I couldn’t be any happier.  I literally couldn’t have dreamed of anyone I would rather spend the rest of my life with.  So now, in addition to random recipe posts & ag-related posts, you’ll probably get some wedding planning posts thrown in as well!  Consider yourself warned.  🙂

I’ll give you the story of how we got engaged, because what’s really important, right?  So, let’s rewind to last week Saturday, February 11th.  (Pause.  Side note: Phil, my fiance, had been in Kenya since January 12th…so, a month.)  Ok, so Phil had pretty good phone service & internet connection while in Kenya so we were able to talk almost every day.  Initially, when he left for Kenya in January, he was supposed to be there until mid-May, but after a couple of weeks in Kenya, Phil felt as though he was being called back to the States.  I was glad because A) I missed him and B) As many of you know, my grandpa has been sick with Leukemia and both Phil & I really wanted him to have the chance to get to know my grandpa.  Amongst other reasons behind the decision to come home early, those were a couple of them.

So, it was planned.  Phil would be coming back February 28th instead of May 10th.  I was all geared up for his February 28th arrival and in the meantime, I had the World Ag Expo to attend and a dinner with my good friend, Amanda Radke, at our friend Karri’s house for the World Ag Expo.  The dinner was on Valentine’s Day.  Amanda and I joked that we would be each other’s dates to the dinner since Phil was in Kenya and her husband was back home in South Dakota.  Alright, so back to February 11th…Phil and I talked on the phone because he was leaving for a village in Kenya the next morning and would be gone for a few days without phone service and/or internet connection.  That was normal because he’d been to a couple of places during his month there where he didn’t have any type of service, so I thought nothing of it.

Fast forward to Tuesday, Feb. 14th.  I texted Amanda during the day to find out what she was wearing to the dinner that night.  She told me jeans, a sweater & boots probably.  That was easy enough.  So, the plan was that I would get home from work at the ranch, get ready for the dinner, go to frozen yogurt with my family for my dad’s birthday (which happens to be on Valentine’s Day) and then head over to the dinner from there.  Simple.  Normal.  Right?  Right.  So, once I had finished getting ready for dinner, my mom was upstairs & yelled down at me that my grandma was at the door dropping something off for her & could I please open up the door for her.  So, I did.  Again, totally normal.  My grandparents live about a mile a down the road from me…Grandma stops by on occasion to drop stuff off.  So, I opened the front door & who’s at the door?  Phil!  I screamed.  Literally.  We have a video to prove it.  I was also in complete shock that my boyfriend who was supposed to be in a remote village in Kenya was standing at my front door, so then I started having major hot flashes.  That’s besides the point though.

In one hand, was a bouquet of red roses and in the other hand, was a picnic basket.  Here’s a fun historical fact for you: about 2 years ago, when Phil & I were just friends, he asked me on a picnic.  Twice.  And I said no.  Twice.  So, back to the present story: Phil is standing at my front door holding a picnic basket.  And then he asked… if I wanted to go on a picnic with him.  To which I responded with a “YES!”  So, picnic, we did.  We went to my aunt & uncle’s house where there was a cozy picnic area set up outside with a couch, rose petals, heaters, candles, blankets…and then of course, we had our wine & cheese picnic!  It was perfect.  And I was still in utter shock that I was on a date with Phil.  I don’t think anything felt like real life until about 2 days after he arrived at my front door.  In case you were wondering about my state of mind during all of this.

Minor detail: So that you don’t think that I stood Amanda up, you should know that my mom and Mark (Mark works at the calf ranch with us) sneakily grabbed a hold of my cell phone to get Amanda’s phone number to contact her and let her know what was going on with Operation Engagement.  So Amanda was just humoring me earlier when she texted me and told me what she was wearing to the dinner because she was in on the engagement plan the entire time!.

Once we arrived at our beautifully set up picnic location, we talked for a little while & then, he broke out into a little speech…you know, the romantic speech that you would expect to hear at the beginning of a proposal?  Yeah, one of those.  I can’t tell you exactly what he said because to be honest, I don’t think I really heard a word he said.  All I was thinking was I think he’s going to propose…I think he’s going to propose…I think.. and then he got down on one knee & asked me to marry him and I said, “Yes!”  And he put the most gorgeous ring on my finger and we kissed & drank wine & kissed some more and talked…and just enjoyed each other’s company.  And I basked in the warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you’re in love.

Too much mushiness for you all?  Sorry.  I’m sparing little details.  I want you to feel like you were there!  😉  But that’s pretty much the engagement story.  I’ll continue to share little fun stories about Phil & I, but I think this post is long enough for today.  You’re all probably ready for a nap after reading this little love story!  I am so, ridiculously stoked to be marrying Phil & I just get happy butterflies knowing that I get to do life with him until death do us part, come August 4th.  And that is my happy story for you all.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Phil & I during a toast to us at my grandparent's house 🙂

The most important details: The happy couple, the beautiful set up & the gorgeous ring!


15 thoughts on “The {Engagement} Story

  1. celeste settrini (@couturecowgirl7)

    My darling friend I could not be happier for you ~ the love you two share doesnt always come along for everyone ~ cherish it , relish in it and believe in it . Blessings to you and Phil for a magical life together!
    Wonderful post and yes I love all the gushy details ~ I too am a hopeless romantic!

  2. Brittni Drennan

    Congratulations! Such a sweet story! But you left something out… What happened to Amanda?!?! Obviously you had a good reason for standing her up! Haha!

    Again, congratulations! Wish y’all many, many blessings!

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Thanks, girl!
      I know…I read my blog post again this morning & realized I left a few details out, and Amanda was one of them! (Sorry Amanda!) My mom had sneakily grabbed my phone from me & got a hold of Amanda’s number to contact her and let her know what was going on, so that I wouldn’t be standing her up. Which I was thankful for because I’d never want to stand Amanda up 🙂

  3. Kelly M. Rivard (@KMRivard)

    I just read this, out loud, to my roommates. There was an unanimous feeling of “aaaaaaw!!!” in the room afterward. And I AM SO EXCITED. Congratulations! All the best luck and happiness to you. And keep us all updated on the wedding plans. I like to live vicariously through other people’s wedding planning, ha!

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Hehe…I am glad that I could provide a few people with a vicarious love life to live through! I will definitely keep you posted, girlfriend!

  4. Lacey

    I love this! It brought me back to when Tim proposed! I’m so happy for you and Phil!! =) You found your Prince Charming.

  5. Amber Nederend

    Bri this is so sweet! Congratulations. And I love that when I’m reading this, I feel like you’re just talking 🙂

    1. fromheelstoboots Post author

      Thanks, love! I tried to make it sound like I was just talking. I mean…who really wants to read an engagement story in essay format? 🙂

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